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The Way We E-Read: Do You Read Fast, Slow, More?

Are e-Readers changing the way we read? According to new research, it seems that it is. A study of 1,200 e-reader owners found that 40% read more than they did with print books.

eZ Systems Splits Web CMS Software into Community, Enterprise Editions

eZ_logo_2009.png Open source web content management vendor eZ Systems (news, site)  has announced that with the release of the v4.4 edition of eZ Publish -- targeted for late this month -- the company will split the software into distinct but highly related Community Project and Enterprise editions. Read on for the details.

Six Apart Kills Vox, Continues to Deny Merger

Six Apart Kills Vox, Continues to Deny Merger There's no easy way to say it: Vox, Six Apart's (news, site) blogging/social network platform, is dead.

In yet another move that screams of the merger Six Apart continues to deny, Vox will be officially kaput on September 30th.

Implications for the Enterprise: Cell Phones and American Adults

Pew_Internet.jpgThis week the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project released a study that probed cell phones and American Adults. What they found showed that texting has permeated generational boundaries. Sure, adults still don’t text as much as kids do, but the numbers are climbing, nonetheless.

Six Apart May Be Brewing a Deal in Japan

Six Apart May Be Brewing a Deal in Japan Six Apart (news, site), the blogging pioneer that hasn't garnered much attention in over a year, started making headlines again last week. Though executives are reportedly denying any goings-on, rumor has it that the company is looking to make a deal in the Japanese market. 

Brewing Personal Websites from Social Media Outlets

Brewing Personal Websites from Social Media OutletsHere's a little Friday treat: The service allows users to build personal websites by mashing up their identities from across the Web. 

MediaBeacon DAM Integrates with WoodWing Web Publishing, Adobe InDesign

 mediabeacon_logo.jpgWith publishers heading from paper to the iPad and other devices at speed, it's a good time for MediaBeacon (news, site) to make making the transition easier.

Automating Workflows for Adobe InDesign


Streamlining publishing processes with InDesign just got easier thanks to a new automation tool from Axaio.

Chromium 7 Has Arrived and It's Not that Awesome

Team Google set the bar pretty high when they said a new version of Google Chrome would be out every six weeks, but so far they're delivering on their word. Yesterday, Chromium 7 arrived (not even a week after version 6 went beta), and the changes should hit Chrome fairly quickly. 

Can Content Farms Be Regulated to Produce Better Content?


If you have ever wished there was a governing body for promoting quality content  in the world of Internet content syndication, look no further than the Internet Content Syndication Council. The New York–based ICSC is proposing guidelines to regulate content farms. But can that be done?

Twitter Capitalizes on Sharing with New Tweet Button

Twitter Capitalizes on Sharing with New Tweet Button Twitter's (news, site) got a brand new button, and it's very Facebook Connect -y. By adding the new Tweet button to webpages, publishers enable Twitter users to retweet content directly from the source. 

WoodWing Updates Digital Magazine Tools for iPad

woodwing logo 2009.jpgWhen Woodwing Software first created their digital magazine tools for the iPad, they had no way of foreseeing how the iPad would capture the hearts and minds of the world.

Top 3 Usability Tips for Building Better Blogs, Maximizing Engagement

In 2005, Jakob Nielsen shared what he considered to be the top 10 design mistakes of what was once called the ‘weblog.’ Strikingly, five years later, most (if not all) of them still remain true in the world of the engaged web.

W3C Illuminates Differences, Rationale Behind HTML5


HTML5 defines the 5th major revision of the core language of the Web. In a recently published work the W3C details the differences between HTML 4 and HTML 5 and provides insight into the thinking behind the changes.

Content Strategy: The Appeal of Curating Online News

When we last debated content v. context, the word curation came up. For some it was an inaccurate term, best reserved for art historians and museum directors than online web strategists. Yet, it’s not surprising that many content curators can be found among the news industry.

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