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SDL Does Predictive Text With Global Content Authoring Tools

SDL Does Predictive Text With Global Content Authoring Tools  SDL (news, site) saves typing by adding your company's commonly-used phrases to its globe-spanning translation and management software.

Twitter Begins Testing Inline Photos and Videos

Twitter Begins Testing Inline Photos and VideosLast night Twitter (news, site) attempted to stealthily test  a new inline photos and videos feature, but the good ol' Internet picked up on it rather quickly. 

Gearing Up for DrupalCon Copenhagen 2010

drupalcon_copenhagen_logo.jpgAttention all you Drupal (news, site) heads! The DrupalCon conference in Copenhagen is coming up,  so if you're going to be in Europe at the end of August, swing by for some face time with project founder Dries Buytaert. 

Content Strategy: Why Content Matters

Welcome to our new weekly column on Content Strategy. We will serve up a healthy dose of tips, tricks and tools related to content development, design, usability, search engine optimization and other content governance. This week we examine content for the sake of content and what makes it so darn important to the rest of what we do.

ExpressionEngine 2.1 CMS Review, Part 2

On July 12, EllisLab finally released EE2.1, the first non-beta version of ExpressionEngine 2. This is part two of an indepth review of the latest version, including a look at the engine, add-ons and what's gone.

Conduit Network Boosts Browser-Based Apps in a Big Way

conduit_logo_2010.jpgProving that browser-based apps are where it's at, Conduit (news, site) reported that more than 250,000 app publishers and 170 million users are now connected to their network.

Squarespace Thinks Big With $38.5 Million in Funding

squarespace_logo_2010.jpgSquarespace (news, site) offers a slick, well-drilled Web publishing and blogging experience. What can it achieve with a bundle of investment in the bank?

Note: See our Squarespace CMS Review for product details.

CMS Review: Squarespace - SaaS Web Publishing, Blogging Platform

squarespace-logo.jpgIn the hyper-competitive market of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) web content management, vendors are desperate to stand out. Squarespace (news, site) differentiates its offering through in-line editing capabilities, an extensive embeddable widgets library, strong iPhone support and dynamic scalability behind the scenes. Sound like your cup of tea? Read on.

LOUD3R Updates its Publishing Platform, Content Streams Stand Out

loud3r-logo.jpg As long as the state of online news publishing still flickers and fades, there will be companies who aim to capture as much of its light as they can. Recently, LOUD3R, launched a newly redesigned version of its real-time content discovery, curation and publishing platform.

Web Publishing Roll-up: Shirky v. Murdoch in Pay Wall Smackdown

This week, pay walls are both a complete success and a total failure.

AOP 2010 Digital Publishing Awards, Guardian Dominates

aop-awards-207x123_1641.gifRecently, the Association of Online Publishers (AOP), an organization based in the UK that represents digital publishing companies that create original, branded, quality content, announced the recipients of its Digital Publishing Awards for 2010.

Google Adds Real-Time Statistics to Blogger

blogger_logo_10.jpgAttention, stats fans! Today Google granted Blogger, its blog publishing platform, a feature that allows users to check their stats in (almost) real-time. 

WordPress Offers Content Encouragement with Plinky

WordPress Offers Content Encouragement with PlinkyIn an effort to relieve writer's block woes, Automattic (news, site), the company behind WordPress, has acquired a content encouragement service called Plinky. 

Web Publishing Roll-up: Digital Newsroom Goes Mobile, MSNBC Ditches Pageviews

This week, online newspapers focuses on mobile, Amazon enriches the Kindle, and ditches pageviews in a new redesign.

Web Publishing Roll-up: WordPress 3.0, e-Readers Wage a Price War

This week in web publishing, e-Reader prices get lowered, the Economist examines the viability of mobile news apps and WordPress launches version 3.0.

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