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Manage Rich Media Documents Easier With ADAM DocMaker 3.0

adam_logo_2010.jpgDocument specialists ADAM (news, site) brings a redesigned user interface and other new features to its rich media document creation tool.

Mobile Apps for Publishers to Sell, Promote Their Content


Authors need their own mobs, right? AuthorMob -- a new service that creates iPhone and iPad apps to promote authors and their eBooks -- unveiled itself this week at BookExpo America (BEA), North America’s largest book industry event.

Web Publishing Roll-up: Yahoo and Forbes Buy Content Farms

This week in web publishing includes a few mergers and acquisitions, content farming and a fashion magazine designed for the iPad.

Google Outlines Its AdSense Revenue Model

From the Pick Your Battles Department, Google has recently revealed its revenue-sharing practices for its two core AdSense advertising products: AdSense for Content and AdSense for Search.

Web Publishing Roll-up: NYT Will Make You Pay, Amazon Splits Its List and Stanford Goes Bookless

They say desperate times call for desperate measures. Whether it’s a need for more revenue, better access or more space, this week in web publishing brings you several innovative solutions.

Apple and Adobe in a Battle for the Mobile Web?

Microsoft vs IBM; Atari vs Commodore; Firefox vs Internet Explorer -- the biggest battles in computing pale into insignificance compared to the spat between Apple (news, site) and Adobe over Flash.

New Rules for Judging Content Quality Fails to Recognize Revenue

A few weeks ago Ben Elowitz, co-founder and CEO of Wetpaint, a platform for social websites, addressed the issue of quality in published content in two parts. First he went through the checklist of what traditionally made content great: credential, correctness, objectivity and craftsmanship and dismantled each one of them.

Web Publishing Roll-up: Print, Digital and 48 Hour Magazines

Magazines dominate this week in web publishing. From print preferences, 48 hour creations and self-publishing, there's never a dull moment.

JustSystems Updates XMetaL Products, Includes Support for W3C XML Schema, Windows 7


New versions of JustSystems' (news, site) XMAX and XMetaL Developer now play nicely with the latest XML implementation and Microsoft OS.

WCM is Better in SharePoint 2010 - Is it Enough?

The SharePoint 2010 release is just around the corner and there's been a lot of chatter about SharePoint’s new capabilities -- especially those relating to web content management. Given SharePoint 2007's weakness in the Web CMS area people are naturally curious how the 2010 release stacks-up. In this article, I peel the onion on the new SharePoint web content management capabilities, and how the product might serve your organization’s strategic web objectives.

Web Analytics: Waiting for the New Federal Government Cookie Policy

Is waiting for the White House's Office of Management and Budget (OMB) guidelines on a new Federal Government cookie policy like waiting for Godot? One might not be blamed for thinking as much.

Web Publishing Roll-up: A New Social Platform for Women Only, Goodbye Pay Walls?

This week web publishing brings collaboration among countries, an examination of pay walls, big and small and a French women's blog aggregator.

SDL Names New Head of N. America Web Content Management

sdl_logo_2010.png Only a few months after they consolidated their business divisions under the SDL (news, site) brand, another major announcement is coming from the global info management organization: a new General Manager is set to lead the North American operations for their Web Content Management Solutions division, formerly known as Tridion.

CNW Launches Comprehensive Media Platform

CNW Launches Comprehensive Media PlatformCanada is taking back the news. A leading Canadian news provider, CNW Group (news, site) has launched a new service that serves to combine many different communication metrics and actions into a single platform.

A Hyperlocal Content and Technology Platform for Publishers, Developers

adility_logo.pngWhether you are an entrepreneur, a venture capitalist, a developer or a social media start up, chances are that you’ve become more involved in building local applications and sites that focus on serving local needs. After all, investing in your local community can reap big rewards.

Though community interest abounds, most don’t always have the marketing and sales experience to secure local deals and discounts. Enter Adility.

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