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Limelight Orchestrate 2.0 Released for Publishers + Marketers

Content delivery vendor Limelight hosts video, provides content management, delivery, performance and cloud storage with Orchestrate 2.0.

Providing multiple format content to various devices in real time is a feature many technology providers are striving for in a mobile world, and Limelight Orchestrate 2.0 has been released for doing just that.

Adobe Updates Mobile Features, Analytics, Adds iPad Preview to Digital Publishing Suite

In the most recent version of its Digital Publishing Suite, Adobe has added previewing and embedding capabilities as well as updating older features, such as iPhone support and analytics.

Five Up and Comers in the Content Delivery Field #pclive

A fitting end to a day filled with talk of changing business models for the content industry, this final panel at the GigaOm/paidContent conference took a look at five startups to see how they are rethinking content delivery. 

Medium Updates Publishing Platform: Allows Collaborators to Post Notes

Publishing platform, Medium has announced new features designed to make the user experience even more collaborative.

Report: Newspapers Keep Breathing, Learn New Tricks to Stay Alive

Attention, newspaper fans. The time may be coming when you can put away your sorrow over the death of newspapers. Said obituary may have been written prematurely, according to a new report from the Newspaper Association of America (NAA). New revenue sources are growing so quickly for the industry that they now nearly neutralize losses from print advertising. 

PaperShare Improves Customer Acquisitions with Real-time Publishing Engine

PaperShare, a real-time web publishing company has announced its moved out of beta and is publicly releasing its cloud-based, real-time publishing engine.

Elvis Alert: WoodWing Releases 4.0 of Its DAM Software

There’s a new Elvis stepping onto the stage. This week, multi-channel publishing vendor WoodWing released version 4.0 of its Elvis digital asset management (DAM) system, featuring an enhanced integration with the editorial management application, Content Station, in the company’s Enterprise publishing solution.

Agility Updates Web CMS with Form Builder, Navigation and Password Controls

Cloud Web CMS provider Agility has announced a variety of new features and updates to simplify form creation, add security controls and fix previos bugs.

Yahoo Buys Summly to Improve Mobile Information Accessiblity

Internet company, Yahoo has announced that it has acquired Summly, a mobile content reading assistance tool and will use the technology to improve how information is accessed.

Pew Report: Mainstream News Resources Down, Viewers/Readers Leave

Almost a third of Americans have abandoned a specific news outlet because it no longer provides the same quality of news they are accustomed to getting. That’s a key finding in the Pew Research Center’s annual media report.

LinkSmart Drives Engagement, Improves Website Linking Strategies

logo_linksmart_sml_lgt_blue1.pngWe put a lot of stock in linking. Inbound marketing practically thrives on linking. Linking helps SEO, our credibility as authors and gives people additional context as they read. But when was the last time you checked on whether or not those links performed well? Are people clicking on them? Are they even the right links? Enter LinkSmart and its total link management solution.

Videobuilder's PressApp Makes Video a Two-Way Street for Newspapers

Now that virtually everyone has a still camera or video recorder with them in their smartphone, user-generated media is flooding the Web. To take advantage of this wealth of potential material, a new product facilitates the ability of readers of local newspapers to submit their mobile-captured video and photos directly.

Web CMS Just a Tool? For Sourcefabric, It's a Weapon for Press Freedom

For most people, a web content management system (Web CMS) is a tool for the day-to-day chores of running a website. For Sourcefabric, a non-profit organization based in Prague, a Web CMS is a weapon for press freedom. Recently, spoke to Sourcefabric’s head of communications, Adam Thomas, about his organization’s efforts to support the 21st century version of the small printing press. 

Typepad Adopts Impermium, Social Anti-Spam Service

Typepad has announced they are retiring the in house Typepad anti-spam service in favor of Impermium, a social spam protection service.

Newscoop CMS 4.1 Integrates Solr for Search, GeoLocation Tools

To help struggling news organizations in areas that have a history of media censorship, the Prague-based non-profit Sourcefabric has developed a free and open source CMS, Newscoop. The organization recently released version 4.1, which features fast search functionality, and was developed in partnership with independent news organizations in the highly challenging media environment of Georgia. 

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