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Flipboard Strikes Deal with New York Times

Flipboard Strikes Deal with New York TimesNew York Times readers will now be able to read more than just the top news stories on Flipboard after a new content deal was struck between the two companies.

New Publishing Platform Offers Flexible Ad Engine, Real-time Content Updates

When it comes to publishing great user experiences on the iPad, the first name that comes to mind is Adobe (as in Adobe DPS). But there's a new offer in town that takes a different approach to mobile publishing and integrated advertising.

This Week: Microsoft Buys Yammer, Saves SharePoint?

It's not official, official, but word is Yammer is selling the farm to Microsoft for $US 1.2 bil. Good news for Yammer? Or good news for Microsoft? The answer depends on who you ask.

The truth is Yammer is a great addition to SharePoint giving it some proven social collaboration features -- ones that exceed SP 2010 and what's expected in the upcoming SharePoint 2013 release. Yammer, as a cloud-based service, will fit in nicely with Microsoft's plans for Office 365. But is it the end of Yammer as we know it?

Beyond Yammer here's what stood out in Social Business this week:

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Six Apart Uses UForge to Deliver Moveable Type to Cloud Environments

six apart logo 61312.pngSix Apart has been a pioneer in social publishing platforms, going back to when the terms "hosted" or "online" were dominant. Now it’s becoming more cloud-ready. Cloud app management provider UShareSoft announced that it has been selected to streamline the delivery of Six Apart’s Moveable Type platform to environments that use multiple clouds and virtualization. 

Diffbot Deconstructs, Repackages Structured Web Data

Diffbot Deconstructs, Repackages Structured Web DataOne of the greatest revolutions in computing has been the success of the Web browser. They help us navigate the Internet and show us the things we love, such as celebrity news and cat videos.

BOLT Makes Visual Content Collecting & Sharing Platform Public

BT_TopNav_Logo_213x69mall.gifLast April, we introduced you to BOLT, a new page-sharing service. For the last year, BOLT has been in private beta, where a select group of users have been experimenting, and refining the way we collect, share and save any webpage, image or file. Today, BOLT opens its platform to the general public.

Big Data Presents New Challenges for Online Publishers

shutterstock_70007632.jpg Big data is changing online publishing. As a result of this growing phenomenon, publishers are now facing four key challenges and exploring new ways to tackle them.

Quark Seeks to Expand Digital Publishing with Mobile IQ Purchase

Thumbnail image for quark-logo.JPG Publishing software provider Quark looks to expand its enterprise digital publishing solution set with the purchase of Mobile IQ, a vendor of cloud-based digital publishing apps for smartphones and tablets.

Publish is Not Just a Button

publish.jpg The death of publishing has been heralded for years now as the means to circulate content became easier and more readily accessible with a computer or mobile device. While the argument could be made for the decline of the traditional publishing model, the discipline of delivering relevant content to the proper audience is thriving.

The Impact of Tablets on Web Publishing or the Riddle of the Sphinx

shutterstock_64982614.jpg Everyone knows the mobile web is growing at light speed, introducing new opportunities and challenges in web management. However, when I look at my client’s web analytics, the leading device accessing their website is not a smartphone, it’s a tablet. Apple iPad consistently ranks as the #1 device for viewing web content.

Adobe recently released some research that backs this up. Adobe’s “The Rise of Tablets" (pdf) projects that tablet visits will surpass all smartphone visits by January 2013 and generate over 10 percent of all website visits by early 2014. Tablet web traffic is growing 200 percent faster than smartphones. The iPad commands the tablet market. Last year Comscore reported that the Apple iPad accounted for over 97 percent of tablet web traffic.

Limelight's Orchestrate Framework Supports Full Digital Media Experience

Limelight Orchestrates Content PublishingThese days Web publishing is less like making great music in a band, and more like managing an entire orchestra. With that thought in mind, Limelight Networks is introducing Limelight Orchestrate.

Adobe Muse 1.0 Promises Web Design Without Code Writing

Adobe Muse 1.0 Promises Web Design Without Code Writing Adobe Muse 1.0 Web design software finally rolls out of beta and is available as a standalone subscription or as part of the new Adobe Creative Cloud membership.

Amazon AWS Opens Up for Dynamic Web Content on CloudFront


Amazon's CloudFront has long let users host and distribute the static content elements for websites. Now the service can play host to dynamic content as well, adding support for the full scope of a dynamic, content-rich site or service with access to EC2 applications.

HELIOS iPad Document Hub Lets Users Own Code, Host Content #drupa

HELIOS iPad Document Hub Lets Users Own Code, Host ContentIf you’re attending Drupa 2012 this week -- one of the world's leading exhibition for the print media industry -- you may want to check out the new HELIOS iPad Document Hub publishing platform. With so many looking for ways to develop their own individually branded and customized iPad apps, to present content on iOS devices, HELIOS Software GmbH, a leading developer of cross-platform file, print, image, proofing, remote collaboration, and PDF server software, has made it easier with its new iPad Document Hub publishing platform and app for iOS.

The Future of Publishing: Storytelling & Content Monetization

RocketSpace and Pearson Publishing put together a panel discussion in San Francisco this week on "The Future of Publishing". They assembled an esteemed group of progressive publishers attempting to tease-out the future of our dear publishing industry. The passion of the panelists was as evident as their exasperation as they discussed the present state of publishing, the near future, and the sort-of-not-too-distant future. Here's the concise version of the evening.

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