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Atex Adds Branded Functionality to Polopoly Web CMS

Atex has announced that it partnered with The Access Network Company to develop new branded-publisher-focused functionality for its Polopoly web content management system, which it said provides small and mid-sized publishers with a platform for deploying customizable, configurable, branded local news and GPS-enabled content.

Pressly Turns Content Into Tablet-Friendly HTML5 Websites

Mobile devices are becoming more and more of necessities in the workplace. In this so-called post-PC era, professionals need to access information on-the-go, whether on smartphones, ultraportable computers or tablets. If you're a web publisher, you will need to consider that an increasing number of your readers will be using these mobile devices. Some would want to create a native application for tablets, but is this really necessary for everyone?

WoodWing 7.4 for Enterprise Allows Publishing to All Channels

WoodWing 7.4 for Enterprise Allows Publishing to All ChannelsThe latest version of WoodWing Enterprise offers AIR-powered editing, multi-channel text changes, integration of external content and lots of digital magazine features.

Quark Releases App Studio with QuarkExpress 9.1, Create Branded Apps for iPad

Smartphone and tablet applications are becoming a popular means of distributing content. While organizations can design and develop apps from scratch, this can be costly and time-consuming, considering the programming expertise required. The latest release of QuarkXPress simplifies the process of creating branded applications for the iPad, with built-in Quark App Studio.

Google Launches Stylish Update to Blogger Back End

Google's service powers millions of blogs but has been rather left behind in the rash of recent Google updates and new products. That changes now, as it gets a makeover.

Scribendi Lends Professional Editing and Proofreading to WordPress

Scribendi Lends Editing and Proofreading to WordPress WordPress is already a great tool for communicating ideas, but this week Scribendi is helping the platform move up a notch with advanced editing and proofreading perks. Users simply download the plugin, and posts from that point forward are edited by Scribendi’s professional team of editors in as little as four hours.

WordPress is Powering 14.7 Percent of Top Global Websites

Matt Mullenweg, founder of the WordPress web publishing platform, took the stage at the recent San Francisco WordCamp event to share the state of the WordPress union. A key figure: WordPress is now powering 14.7% of the top one million global websites. There's more. 

A People-Polling Platform Shares the Love, Rediscovers Content

SendLove Logo.jpgWish you could actively rate and share opinions about people in the news? aims to do just that (and much more) with its new people-polling platform that launched today.

Web Publishing: Quark Sold to Platinum Equity, Details Guarded

Quark Software, Inc., the 30 year-old desktop and multi-channel web publishing stalwart, and competitor of Adobe Systems, has been acquired by a California-based private equity firm. Details of the deal have been kept close to the vest, and management outlook is optimistic.

Is Your Content Ready for Multilingual Web? W3C's Internationalization Checker Can Help You Validate

Is Your Content Ready for Multilingual Web? W3C's Internationalization Checker Can Help You ValidateOne of the Worldwide Web Consortium's (news, site) main responsibilities is ensuring that standards in web markup are followed. In the wake of stakeholder discussions, such as the recently concluded working group discussions on multilingual web content practices, the organization has released its updated Internationalization Checker.

WordPress 3.2 Arrives Without IE 6 and PHP 4 Support

WordPress 3.2 Arrives Without IE 6 and PHP 4 Support Named after the celebrated pianist and composer George Gershwin, WordPress 3.2 officially hit the shelves today. The 15th major release of the open-source blogging platform brings a refreshed dashboard design and speed with which is has used to leave IE 6 and PHP 4 in the dust. 

HP to Editorialize TouchPad Apps in the War on App Stores

HP to Editorialize TouchPad Apps in the War on App Stores

As tablet makers struggle to come up with a way around Apple's dominance, HP (news, site) thinks its new magazine/store will help users choose the best apps.

European Union Calls for 'Do Not Track' Legislation Like the U.S. is Working On

It's unusual for the European Union -- which is normally a real stickler for individual privacy -- to be following the U.S. in a user privacy issue, but the European Commissioner for the Digital Agenda is calling for the E.U. to adopt "do not track" legislation similar to that the U.S. is working on. 

ExpressionEngine 2.2 Web CMS Released, Here's What's Notable

EllisLab, the makers of the ExpressionEngine (news, site) Web CMS software, has released ExpressionEngine 2.2, bringing significant asset management changes, a host of community-driven improvements and the integration of one important acquisition.

Pugpig: iPhone, iPad HTML Reader That Feels Like a Native App

They call it Pugpig (news, site) and it just might revolutionize how we publish content to iOS-powered mobile devices. Pugpig is an open source framework that enables you to publish HTML5 content in the form of a magazine, book or newspaper to iPhone and iPad devices. It's slick and feels like you are using a native app (we tested the it on the iPad). Is this the future of mobile publishing?

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