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Web Server News & Analysis

Nginx Launches Commercial Web Server Nginx Plus

Nginx Commercial Web Server LaunchedOpen source Web server provider Nginx has become the second most popular Web server in the world, and now it's launching a commercial version called Nginx Plus.

nginx Continues Its Rise to the Top of the Web Server Market

nginx Continues Its Rise to the Top of the Web Server MarketWe reported in January that open source webserver nginx was gaining adoption and had managed to surpass Microsoft IIS in the number of active sites. Netcraft has released its April web server survey and it seems nginx’s market share is continuing to rise.

Open Source Web Server NGINX Aims for Apache, May Overtake Microsoft IIS

Open source web server NGINX is growing up and ready to take on the enterprise. NGINX announced that it has received new investment dollars, is planning a commercial division and a new enterprise scale platform. Open source web server Apache may not be sitting comfortably much longer if NGINX has its way.

Nginx Web Server Fast Alternative to Apache

Open source Apache HTTP Server, frequently referred to as just “Apache” by those in the know, has long been a leader in the web server market. However, the popular open source server may be getting a little competition from relative newcomer nginx (pronounced "engine-x").

iPhone Set to Become a Mobile Web Server

The end of 2008 was marked with predictions that desktops may be on the way out and mobile technology will take over. 2009 arrives and we receive the news of an application that allows the iPhone to be used as a web server. That’s correct -- your iPhone can now be used as a mobile web server.

Simple Web Serving without IIS

logo-purplesupernova.pngInfinishare Technologies has just announced the release of Purplenova. Purplenova version 2.0 is a Freeware web server that allows users to web-host content from any PC with any Internet connection. The server even works from behind NAT routers, proxy servers, or dynamic IP’s.

By keeping your files, photos, and music easily web-accessible, Purplenova provides a simple and quick alternative to using an outside hosting service.

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