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Percussion's Aaron Dun Feels Marketer's Pain

Aaron Dun feels marketer's pain. In his role as Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at Web CMS provider Percussion Software, Dun sees a lot of people “who are stuck.”  

How 6 Web Experience Vendors Support Marketing Automation

Long gone are the days when marketing operated in a silo from the rest of the business. As the enterprise has moved online with customers, companies need to ensure their marketing automation platform (MAP) is fully integrated with their web content management (WCM) system so that consumers can have immediate access to the marketing content and information they need to inform their purchases.

Weekend Reads: Tackling Marketing's Myths, Challenges, Rewards

If you're a marketer looking for some fresh perspectives on your field, be it in marketing automation or content marketing, you are in luck this week. Our contributors flooded us with a wealth of material for you to peruse.  

Case Study: Five Companies Automate Marketing Processes to Impact Bottom Line

There's an overwhelming amount of data out there. To remain agile in an increasingly complex market, businesses need to somehow harness the power of this data, get a complete picture of their customers, and react in real time across all parts of the customer journey. Sound like a challenge?

Tweet Jam Recap: Better Web Experiences with Marketing Automation #CXMChat

Wednesday's Tweet Jam featured a who's who of product marketing directors, analysts and digital marketers who came together to discuss the merits, challenges and opportunities of marketing automation platforms and the ways they can impact and influence web experiences. With 123 participants Tweeting over 783 Tweets, this may have been one of our most popular #CXMChats to date. Let's a take a look at what went down. 

It Takes a System: Web Experience Management Meets Marketing Automation

As more and more companies use websites as the key driver for business, marketers are challenged with aligning a system of tools to deliver. Let's take a look at how Best-in-Class companies are doing this.

Discussion Point: Marketing Automation - Consistency vs. Best of Breed

We've spent a lot of time in February talking about how we can build better web experiences with the help of marketing automation. While the technology is all there, how it works together is often questionable, especially when we look at the difference between integrating best of breed technology and investing in a platform that does it all (a suite we use to call it). The big question we put out to our panel, is what is the best technology approach when working with WEM and MA?

8 Tips to Optimize Your Welcome Email

In an increasingly omni-channel world, email remains a key method of communication. Yet, while over half of all welcome emails get opened, after merely a few of months, the open rate tends to decline to around 20 percent. 

Simplifying And Improving Your Customer's Web Experience

The world of e-commerce can be a tricky environment in which to do business. 

Tweet Jam Reminder: Better Web Experiences with Marketing Automation #CXMChat

Tweet Jam is almost here! We're a little over an hour away from our building better web experiences with marketing automation Tweet Jam. Join us as we discuss the opportunities and challenges behind integrating the two platforms. We have a great group of panelists that are sure to keep the conversation going.

A Holistic Approach to Integrating WEM and Marketing Automation

Marketing automation has become an increasingly popular product category in recent years. Marketing is often difficult to quantify, and effective management of key marketing tasks can reduce sales cycles, lower customer acquisition costs, increase efficiency and -- ultimately -- increase revenue. It’s no wonder that so many marketers have embraced marketing automation as the answer to their most vexing challenges.

Marketing Automation: One to One Relationships at a Broadcast Scale

The goal of marketing automation was originally to help eradicate repeatable tasks. The idea being that if marketers could spend more time on other tasks, like planning and strategy, creative idea generation, product development and analytics, then there would be a better return on the marketing investment.

Customer Focused Marketing Automation: 'Automation' is the Easy Part

Marketing automation (MA) is a hot topic right now -- it’s also in the early stages of potentially becoming an integral component of engendering positive customer interactions. 

Dispelling the Chief Marketing Officer Myth

It’s been hard to ignore over the last 12 months the repeated claims that at some stage in the not too distant future, that the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) will be the dominant buyer of software and services in the enterprise. Whether it is because many wish to believe this is the truth or due to the fact that it neatly underlines some vocal vendor’s current marketing strategy, it has now become seen as a truism. And it’s just plain wrong.

Weekend Reads: Closing the Marketing - IT Divide + Measure Social Business Progress

Still haven't decided what path to take when it comes to your marketing automation platform (MA) and web experience management (WEM)? Watch our Google Hangout where a panel of experts flesh out the pros and cons of WEM/MAP integration or read what our contributors have to say. You'll never look at peanut butter and jelly the same way again.

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