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Xbox 720 News & Analysis

Spring Bringing Vital Product News from Microsoft and Apple

applelogo.pngBoth companies are facing press, partner or investor backlash, and user hostility, or worse, indifference. Apple should be looking to win back lost momentum with the next iPhone announcement while Microsoft will be looking to tie computer, mobile devices and TV together via its next Xbox console. 

Samsung's New Tablets, Notebooks and HDTVs to Dominate at CES 2013

 ces_logo_2013.JPG 2013 gets under way for gadget lovers with a raft of new computers, TVs and tablets coming, plus a host of web-enabled smart devices for the home being shown at CES, with Samsung leading the way in many categories. 

Windows 8 Racks Up 40 Million License Sales

Thumbnail image for win8pro_box.png       Perhaps in response to stories about slow user adoption, Microsoft is letting out a little sales information on Windows 8, which has been out in the wild for a month now. 

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