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Xmetal News & Analysis

JustSystems Updates XMetaL Products, Includes Support for W3C XML Schema, Windows 7


New versions of JustSystems' (news, site) XMAX and XMetaL Developer now play nicely with the latest XML implementation and Microsoft OS.

JustSystems Integrates On Demand XML Content Conversion and Transformation Service

justsystems_logo_2010.jpgTake the on-demand approach to XML via this interesting tie-up between JustSystems (news, site) and Stilo.

JustSystems Integrates XMetaL Author and Review 6.0 Products

justsystems logo.png It must have been some party at JustSystems (news, site)  when they celebrated the tenth birthday of XMetaL because we haven’t really heard a lot from them, until now. They have just announced the launch of XMetaL Author Enterprise and Reviewer 6.0.

Anyone familiar with JustSystems’ XMetaL will be familiar with earlier versions of both products, which combined, give users collaborative XML authoring and powerful document reviewing tools.

However, they haven’t just upgraded the two products; they have also integrated them in a move that provides authors with the tools to inititate and manage reviews, as well as specialized editing commands that enable authors act as soon as problems are flagged.

Latest Ixiasoft's DITA CMS Improves Search and Usability

Latest Ixiasoft’s DITA CMS Improves Search and Usability

Montreal-based Ixiasoft (news, site) has just announced the general availability of the new version of its DITA content management system. Version 2.6 comes with several enhancements to v2.1 released in October 2008, when Ixiasoft added two new important features: the CMS Project Manager and the DITA Map Editor.

This time around, they have focused on improving search and search results interface, as well as strengthening the relationship map editor and overall CMS usability.

Turning 10: JustSystems Flagship Product XMetal

just_systems_logo_2009.pngThe cat’s outta the bag—we’ve got a birthday in the house!

Yesterday JustSystems (news, site), provider of XML and information management technologies, announced that their flagship product has been around for ten whole years.

XMetal is a powerful solution for structured content authoring and collaboration. It can be used as a stand-alone solution or as an integrated application with various content management and publishing systems including EMC's Documentum, IBM's FileNet and Microsoft's SharePoint. Using industry standards including Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA), XMetaL enables content creators to create, collaborate, and reuse information that can be repurposed into the languages and formats customers need.

With a little bit going on for everyone, XMetaL boasts user-friendliness and ease of use for the technically challenged as well as powerful features for tech fanboys and fangirls.

"XMetaL has been one of the industry's top choices for the last ten years because customers can easily achieve a measurable return on investment as a result of their XMetaL implementation," said Aaron Deitcher, vice president of North America and EMEA for JustSystems.

Cut yourself a slice of cake, break out the bubbly, and learn more about XMetal here

Strategic Alliance Offers JustSystems Cash and Market Opportunity

justsystems logo.png It has often been said that necessity is the mother of invention. In current times, with recession depriving many businesses of the barest survival necessity – cash - invention is key to getting through the next 12 months.

In this respect then, the recent announcement from XML and Information Management software vendor JustSystems (news, site) that Keyence Corp, a developer of sensors for factory automation, is to take a 44% stake -- worth US$ 44.7m -- in the Japanese vendor is logical.

The logic in this case being take the money where you can find it.

Authoring SharePoint XML Content With a New XMetaL Tool

Using XMetaL For XML Authoring On SharePoint

A new version of an XML and DITA authoring tool that can be used with SharePoint (news, site) has been unveiled by JustSystems (news, site), the Japan-based vendor of enterprise software for information management.

Extending the SharePoint platform, XMetaL Author Enterprise provides an easy-to-use content creation solution that utilizes XML and DITA to manage content more efficiently with an interface that even novices can use.

JustSystems Empowers All With XMetaL Author Essential

JustSystems Aims to Empower All with XML Authoring Tool

Big time Japan-based software vendor JustSystems is working hard to get everyone on the same page. Their latest release, XMetaL Author Essential, lets content creators generate content that can easily be repurposed into different languages and formats for multi-channel publishing.

XMetaL Polishes XML Authoring for Documentum's Webtop GUI

JustSystems XMetaL Author Enterprise for Documentum Webtop

As good as EMC Documentum is at building an enterprise content management platform, the company leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to user interface design. If your problem is authoring XML content via Webtop -- Documentum's web-based GUI for accessing EMC Documentum repository -- JustSystems has a solution.

JustSystems Shares CMS Tips with New Community

JustSystems Creates Community Forums

JustSystems knows how to help their user base. They have just set up a new Community for their XMetal enterprise content management solution. Called the XMetal Community Forums, it’s a community where partners, customers and their own internal services team can go to get all their questions answered.

KMWorld Names XMetaL a Trend-Setting Product

2008 KMWorld Names JustSystems' XMetaL a Trend-Setting Product

JustSystems, a Japanese software vendor specializing in XML and information management technologies, announced that XMetaL, the company’s XML-based software for structured authoring and content collaboration, has been selected as a 2008 KMWorld Trend-Setting Product.

XML Grows Up? See How at XML '07 with JustSystems

Japan’s JustSystems has announced plans to discuss the evolving role of XML at the XML ‘07 Conference and Exposition. And you might want to see it, because the company’s making some very tall statements about the development of our favorite little markup language (the eXtensible kind, of course).

To watch the fireworks and partake of the bubbly, pop in at the Marriott Copley in Boston from December 3-5 — just days after Gilbane Boston takes place.

Might as well make the most of the frigid East in dead of winter, yeah?

JustSystems Unifies Content, Data Views for ADD-Afflicted Firms

justsystems logo.png

By uniting IBM’s DB2 9 Viper data server and FileNet P8 with its xfy and XMetal offerings, JustSystem hopes to unify content and data views within the enterprise.

VP Paul Wlodarczyk of solutions consulting at JustSystem explains, IBM covers Web services with FileNet P8, and XML data with the DB2 9 Viper data server. With xfy and XMetaL, we can leverage content from each of those sources to help developers rapidly deliver the unified view that business users want.”

Guess this means less tabbing back and forth for us. If all goes as well as planned, the solution will also:

JustSystems is currently appearing as a Diamond Partner for IBM’s Information On Demand 2007 conference. Its offering is targeted to financial services, big pharma and life science, high-tech and manufacturing industries, if only because these sectors boast the same issues other enterprises have except with unique security, compliance and data issues.

Big Blue, OpenOffice Skip Off into Wild Blue Yonder

OpenOffice logo.png

In English this time: IBM has joined, reportedly to “collaborate on software development for the Open Document Format (ODF), an ISO standard that governs the creation, storage, and exchange of documents,” says Mark Long of

IBM will start by sharing the code it’s been developing for its Lotus Notes software, including certain accessibility fixes that may allegedly help OpenOffice “reach parity” with Microsoft’s current offering for disabled workers via Office.

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