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Yammer News & Analysis

Yammer Partners with Kanjoya to Gauge Employee's Emotions

How do the employees in your company like the recent change in health benefits? Yammer can now offer insights into these questions via an integration with sentiment analysis provider Kanjoya.

Yammer Testing Out Private Chat Feature

A few weeks after Microsoft announced that it was buying Yammer, the business-oriented social network is testing out a new feature -- private chat.

Recession Relief: New Job Openings at Facebook, Tealium, Skype, Yammer and Hootsuite (19-Jul-12)

Start off Summer with a new gig -- we've got a shopping list of hot jobs for you to browse. Our featured jobs list is a great collection of opportunities spanning specialties and continents. Here's who's hiring this week (and if you're hiring, post your open jobs here).

Watch Microsoft's Office 2013 Event Live Today

new_office_logo_official.PNGThe new Office suite has been formally unveiled by Microsoft with Yammer and SharePoint taking center stage among the new features. See what else was shown off at the launch event today, and where you can download the new customer preview version. 

NewsGator To Integrate Yammer With Social Sites After Microsoft Buy

It was inevitable that when Microsoft announced it was buying Yammer there would be ripples across the industry, particularly with products and vendors that are closely tied into the Microsoft machine. One of those companies that has reacted the quickest is NewsGator, which has just announced that it is going to integrate its SharePoint-based application with Yammer.

Microsoft and Yammer: A Fresh Take

Now that Microsoft’s long-anticipated US$ 1.2 billion acquisition of Yammer has finally been announced and the dust has settled a bit, it’s worth taking a fresh look at what can be seen both as one of our industry’s most fascinating transactions and one of its worst-kept secrets.

Never Mind Microblogging, SharePoint Needs to Support Plain Old Blogging

In case you missed it, Microsoft bought Yammer. We await the results of this acquisition within SharePoint (we might be waiting some time), but it is certainly a clear admission that SharePoint doesn’t currently do "social" very well. Yammer is primarily a microblogging platform, albeit with a lot of other features thrown in, so it is fair to say Microsoft will use it to beef up this side of SharePoint -- user profiles, activity feeds, microblogging, status updates and so on. But what about good old fashioned standard blogging?

Microsoft Proves Steve Jobs Right Again

There seems to be a lot of chatter around Microsoft's purchase of Yammer. There is clearly much to talk about here especially what it means for the addictive business narcotic known as SharePoint. This topic is not that interesting to me as I find this acquisition to be one more step towards the inevitable demise of licensed application software for businesses.

SharePoint has Yammer, Now it Needs To Up Its Mobile Game

Microsoft has made no secret of its newfound love for a touch interface (I’m assuming we are ignoring Windows for Pen Computing and Windows XP Tablet as pretty much everyone else did). It is the standout feature for the majority of its latest product offerings.

Discussion Point: What Does the Yammer Acquisition Mean for Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft made it official this week -- it is taking the enterprise social network provider Yammer under its wing. The news has brought up a number of questions, including what this means for SharePoint. In this week's discussion point we went out and asked a number of industry analysts and Microsoft partners for their views. Here's what they said.

It's Official: Microsoft to Acquire Yammer for US$1.2 billion Cash

Oh how the smell of money draws us in. Really, who could stare at US$ 1.2 billion and walk away? Yammer has agreed to that nice tidy sum and joins Microsoft's ranks. Everyone has a thought on it, and it isn't all nice.

Microsoft's Acquisition of Yammer Can be a Win-Win Situation

The deal is real -- Yammer has agreed to sell itself to Microsoft … but it’s the rest of the story and the analysis that’s really interesting.

The Wall Street Journal is now confirming that Yammer has agreed to sell itself to Microsoft  for US$ 1.2 billion. They cite their source as a “person familiar with the matter” who could be anyone, maybe even Yammer founder and CEO David Sacks.

Microsoft Hosting Secretive Event on Monday in L.A.

microsoft-logo.JPG Microsoft is sending out minimalist invites to the media for a secret event on Monday; no location and no idea on who will be presenting or what they'll show. What could it be?  We'll find out on Monday, but until then, let's guess.

Microsoft Buying Yammer, Boosting Enterprise Social Networking in SharePoint?

Thumbnail image for yammer_logo_2010.jpg Rumor that Microsoft is buying Yammer has swept the enterprise social networking company's office this week. Now, Bloomberg has news that a $1 billion deal is on the cards.

The Future of Collaboration and Communication is Not The Intranet

Strong title, but if you asked Adam Pisoni, Yammer CTO and Co-founder, that's exactly what he will tell you. The future is, you guessed it, enterprise social networks and the cloud.

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