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Yammer News & Analysis

Adam Pisoni on Yammer's Long-Term Vision & Future with Microsoft

In this final installment of my interview with Yammer co-founder Adam Pisoni, we discuss the role of culture in social business, Yammer's long-term vision and the future of Yammer with Microsoft.

Yammer Co-founder Adam Pisoni on Collaboration Roadblocks

Continuing my conversation with co-founder Adam Pisoni, we discuss Yammer's integration strategy, and the two things he thinks get in the way of most collaboration. He'll take a look at how business models are changing and driving more value out of employees, how space effects collaboration and how communication drives everything!

SharePoint Online or On Premises: Who is Microsoft Betting On?

This year's SharePoint conference is now over, and as people return for Las Vegas there is time to reflect on the many announcements made at the show.

Overview of: Social CRM Using Microsoft Technologies For Real Business Benefits #spc12

This session was unusual at a Microsoft SharePoint Conference for two reasons. Firstly, the session was part of the all new “Business” track for non-technical business decision makers. Secondly, it was about Dynamics CRM, and this is the first time I remember the Dynamics products making an appearance at a SharePoint conference.

Jive Increases International - and Local - Presence

The US may be its home, but Jive Software has a hankering to get international -- and local.

Thoughts on the Future of Collaboration From Yammer Co-founder Adam Pisoni

I interviewed Yammer co-founder Adam Pisoni about a month after Yammer's acquisition by Microsoft, and he had a few things to say about collaborative tool winners and losers, and why he thinks 70 percent of IT collaboration projects fail.

Social - It's Nothing New #spc12

There is no way that you've heard anything about the newest release of SharePoint without hearing about the new Social features. With this release of products, the SharePoint team has put a huge emphasis on social and how it works within the environment. After being here at SharePoint conference, I think the best summary of the Social features that I can give is that this release of products simply highlights things that users already do. Wait! Before you stop reading because you think I am flat out wrong, hear me out. 

Microsoft Grows Social Features With Cut-Price Yammer-SharePoint Integration #spc12

The great thing about conferences is that by the end of them, you usually have a better idea about products and vendor offerings. The SharePoint conference is Las Vegas is no different. However, true to form, Microsoft has only half-answered one of the burning questions of this year: what will it do with Yammer?

Axceler Offers Yammer Views, Governance for SharePoint 2010 #spc12

SharePoint 2013 was always going to be the focus of the SharePoint conference, which means that Yammer, and its relationship to SharePoint was also going to be a big issue. Axceler has announced a couple of new solutions that demonstrate where this might all be going.

Building a Social Platform with SharePoint and Yammer at Nationwide Insurance #spc12

On day one at the SharePoint Conference 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Chris Plescia and Jeff Schumann from Nationwide Insurance provided a detailed view into their company's successful efforts to develop an employee portal and social platform based on SharePoint and Yammer. Their presentation presents an excellent case study in how to build out an enterprise-wide social platform that both meets the requirements of the business and the expectations of the end users.

Finally - It's All About Us! Thoughts from the SharePoint Conference Keynote #spc12

The keynote of any Microsoft conference is really not to be missed, it is when the entire group comes together to hear the latest and greatest and to get a glimpse into the vision of the product team. Any good keynote will have some surprises, laughter and good demos. Yesterday's SharePoint Conference keynote fit the bill and in some cases raised the bar for keynote events. A great foundation was presented that will really carry us through this next release of the product. Here I touch on the high points and focus on the aspects that really detail the future of SharePoint.

Dynamics CRM Gets Yammer, Skype Integration, Windows 8 Mobile to Come

If you've been following the progress of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you will be aware that it is on a release cycle of two outings a year. Today, Microsoft has announced that second of those releases for this year will be available in December, and that it comes with enhanced device, collaboration, social and marketing support, not to mention Yammer and Skype integration.

The Enterprise Social Path Leads to Decentralization, Engagement #yamjam12

In a keynote address at today’s YamJam ’12 Yammer user conference in San Francisco, Yammer Co-founder/CTO Adam Pisoni described how enterprise social tools such as Yammer can help businesses reach the goal of decentralization, which in turns open them to innovation and success in the modern business world.

Yammer Adopts EDRM Standard, Adds New Security Integrations #yamjam12

Yammer has announced new security features to the enterprise social networking platform that will improve the user experience. The company will combine their security features with those from other security-based companies and is adding an Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) to the platform.  

Enterprise Social as Enterprise Platform #YamJam12

Enterprise Social as Enterprise Platform #YamJam12During the opening keynote address at the YamJam ’12 Yammer user conference in San Francisco, Yammer Founder/Microsoft Corporate VP David Sacks and two other speakers discussed how enterprise social technology is quickly evolving to a point where in the near future the enterprise social platform will actually serve as the main platform where employees communicate and do business.

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