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Don't Close Your Brick-and-Mortar Stores Yet

Thumbnail image for 2014-14-august-cracking-nuts.jpgCracking the e-commerce nut isn't as easy as people who actually crack nuts for a living clearly understand.

In fact, two new studies demonstrate that brands and marketers still face significant obstacles to adoption, especially on mobile. But the biggest challenge may be behavioral. As we recently explained, more than 90 percent of retail sales still occur in physical stores.

Why are so many consumers reluctant to buy online, despite the rapid growth of e-commerce? Ripen eCommerce, a Princeton, N.J.-based agency providing marketing, creative, development and technology services to e-commerce clients, thinks understanding consumers' path to purchase is the first step online retailers should take to capture a greater portion of the $3.2 trillion US retail industry.

Look Out, Return Path, Yesmail Intros Email Deliverability Intelligence


A marketing email that isn’t delivered is worthless. To help marketers get a better handle on what gets through, Yesmail Interactive is introducing a new in-house email deliverability service.  

YesZone Gives the Customer Journey New Perspective

Customer Experience, YesZone Gives the Customer Journey New Perspective

To effectively map the customer journey, marketers must be able to connect all the pieces of customer data created. From comments on social media to calls to customer service, making sure you have all the information you need to create relevant customer messaging can be difficult.

Thanks to a new marketing solution from Yesmail, bringing together first and third-party customer data just got a little easier.

Yesmail to Boost Data, Campaign Management with RedPoint Partnership

Yesmail to Boost Data, Campaign Management with RedPoint Partnership

Yesmail Interactive is focused on data and campaign management with its recent RedPoint Global partership. The two companies have teamed up to offer Yesmail customers a more complete view of customers across channels.

Yesmail Aligns Email Data to Ad Serving with TrueEffect Partnership

Yesmail, an email marketing firm, has announced a partnership with a company called TrueEffect to bolster its ability to deliver relevant ads by combining email data with TrueEffect's ad serving capabilities.

YesMail Aims to Improve Subscriber Lists and Message Deliverability with New Service

YesMail Interactive, the email customer intelligence company has released Yesmail Data Intelligence, an email tool designed to improve message deliverability and email marketing ROI.

We Are Data Hoarders, Yesmail Report Finds

A report by Yesmail surveyed 700 marketers at two large conferences last October, and the resulting analysis found marketers are pretty much in the same boat as everyone else on big data. They have lots of information, but don't quite know how to make it sing.

Yesmail Adds Three New Tools to Email Marketing Platform

Email marketing platform provider Yesmail Interactive announced today expansions to the repertoire of capabilities in its platform.

Yesmail Keeps Tabs on the Digital Marketing Competition

Knowing how well your digital marketing campaign is working compared to internal metrics is helpful, but getting a sense of how well it is working compared to external metrics (such as competitors’ campaign results) can give a crucial competitive edge. With its Market Intelligence tool, Yesmail aims to allow digital marketers to study competitors’ results, as well as their own, across email and social channels to create success at a level that beats not only internal expectations but the expectations of competitors.

Q3 Planning: Key CXM, EIM, E2.0 Events for Your Calendar (3-July-12)

Our industry event planner gives you the heads-up on what key industry events are coming around the corner. If we've missed something, don’t hesitate to add your event to the list. (You can view the full calendar here.)

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Social Media Campaigns Don't Match Consumer Engagement Patterns

What are you doing to improve digital campaign performance? A new study aims to help you apply best practices to your online marketing processes. Using its proprietary Yesmail Market Intelligence tool, Yesmail tracked and analyzed more than 20 popular clothing retailers’ Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and email campaigns over a three-month period to assess how effective they were in driving consumer engagement. What they found indicated that many social media and email campaigns do not match up with consumers’ patterns for when and how they engage with brands.

Rumors Swirl About Microsoft Office's Move to iOS, Android

Rumors Swirl About Microsoft Office's Move to iOS, AndroidIt seems that no matter where users are working, they want Microsoft Office. At the beginning of the year, there was lots of buzz about Microsoft Office on the iPad. Now, rumors are swirling about Android. An unnamed source is saying that the popular office productivity suite will make its official appearance on iOS and Android devices by the end of the year.

Just Do It! Crowdsource Your Way to a Catchy Slogan

sloganslingers_logo.pngCrowdsourcing is not new, but people are using it in innovative ways. We’ve heard of using crowdsourcing platforms to facilitate logo design, the value of emerging technologies and translation services. We can now add slogans and taglines to the list.

The Future of Social Computing in SharePoint

While SharePoint 2010 leads in almost every Gartner Magic Quadrant in which it appears, it does not lead in social computing. But before you say anything about this perceived limitation, let’s explore what the platform’s real shortcomings are and how they impact the majority of businesses and end users, and discuss what additional investments you may need to make in order to ensure that SharePoint delivers the features and capabilities your employees need to be productive.

IBM Offers Government Social Collaboration, Extends Power of Big Data Offerings

IBM_logo_2009.jpg In information management at the moment, two of the real buzzwords are cloud computing and Big Data. In both areas, IBM (news, site) is a contender for top spot, with two simultaneous, separate, but related developments. One is the launch of cloud-based collaboration services for government, the other is that it has upped the speed at which Big Data can be managed.

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