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Hackers Use Viral Videos to Attack B2B E-Commerce Site


You probably never thought about kittens, zombies and porn in the same breath — and the imagery gets even weirder if you throw the words "B2B e-commerce" into the mix.

But everything is possible on the Internet: even a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack that employed an apparently unprecedented technique to cause thousands of online video viewers to unwittingly bombard a target website with junk traffic.

According to researchers from Web security firm Incapsula, the attack last Wednesday resulted from a persistent cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability on one of the biggest and most popular video sites on the web.

Incapsula co-founder Marc Gaffan declined to identify the site, but told CMSWire it ranks among the top 50 websites in the world by traffic based on statistics from Amazon-owned firm Alexa. That seems to narrow it down to one of two sites: — the third largest — or — the 44th largest.

Someone capitalized on viral videos of something like cute cats … or maybe sex kittens … to surreptitiously turn website visitors into “DDoS Zombies” — in the hope of taking down an unidentified B2B e-commerce site.

You can't make this stuff up.

Xbox One Sells A Million, Microsoft Grapples with Social Media Backlash


Microsoft's new Xbox One console has been branded as the ultimate games and entertainment machine.

The hard reality of those ambitious claims is now biting hard, as early buyers find poor gaming experiences, expensive in-game-content demands and issues with the TV and entertainment features. But Microsoft is handling the complaints well and trying to minimize disruption for users.

Social Media Briefs: YouTube Outage, Twitter Pulls a Plug, the Secret Lives of Pins

Kitten in the Spotlight.jpgThis week: More social media outages, LinkedIn revealed Showcase Pages and new insight into the value and lifespan of a Pinterest pin.


Sony's PlayStation 4 Launch Signals a New Era of Connectivity

ds4_controller.jpgWhile new tablets and smartphones launch monthly, game consoles arrive once every six or so years. Does Sony's new PlayStation 4 still have a place in our more portable world?

Its midnight launch saw thousands of Americans heading home with a box full of raw processing power that will be sitting under millions of TVs this holiday season. But what does the future hold for Playstation 4 and rival Xbox One? 

Twitch's $20 Million Investment Shows the Opportunities In Gaming Tech


Twitch TV was created to cast live footage of PC and video games across the web. Now richer by $20 million, it points the way forward for increasing use of video (both live and recorded) and social media, while gaming continues to innovate in hardware and services that could impact any business or hobby.  

Google Encrypts All Searches, Rolls Out Google+ Comments for YouTube


Google has been busy rolling out some controversial changes recently. Its encryption of search keywords will rankle with SEO and marketing types, but the addition of Google+ comments to its YouTube video service should rile hotheads, while cleaning out a lot of the cruft. 

Social Media Briefs: My Yahoo Updates, Promoted Pins, YouTube Anywhere

Social Media Briefs: My Yahoo Updates, Pinterest Plans to Promote and YouTube Lets You Watch Offline

Yahoo covets iGoogle users, while Pinterest plans for a future of promoted pins, and YouTube works to make video content available offline. 

Social Business Enterprise Collaboration High on Google+ Radar

Google+ is spending a good chunk of time in its "terrible 2s” pushing features that make it easier for businesses to collaborate in its social networking enterprise.

YouTube App for Windows Phone Blocked by Google

YouTube App for Windows Phone Blocked by Google


A Microsoft Windows Phone version of the YouTube video app was finally re released this week, but Google has once again forced it back into the shadows for violating its terms of service.


Windows Phone App for YouTube, After Several False Starts, Is Now Out

youtube, windows phone, mobile

Windows Phone 8 customers, following several false starts, now have access to an official YouTube app. This week, Microsoft posted its updated tool for using the popular video site in the Windows Phone store -- now with Google’s approval.

YouTube Creators Unleash MixBit for Editing Short Clips into Movies

Customer Experience, YouTube Creators Release MixBit Editable VideosMove over, Vine. The creators of YouTube have created an app for people to collectively edit their own or other people’s videos into one shareable movie.

Report: Marketers Have More to Learn with YouTube Campaigns

Customer experience YouTube Pixability Report

Despite YouTube becoming one of the most popular video marketing platforms, many brands still haven't mastered it, according to a new report.

As Content Creators Cash in on YouTube, What are the Options for Analytics?

Customer Experience, video marketing, youtube analyticsLast November, my 13-year-old son asked me, “Dad, can we go to Vidcon?” That my teenage asked me to do anything with him elicited a “yes” even though I didn’t know anything about Vidcon. As the months went by, my son started a YouTube channel with friends. He also introduced me to the programming he was watching and I learned more about the folks creating the content. By the time we went to the show this past weekend, I was probably as excited as he to attend.

YouTube Launches Video Series Users Turn Channels into A Business

YouTube Pro Series Logo, video

In the beginning YouTube was a site where users could post home videos or clips from television shows or movies, but this model has changed in the past eight years. Now many users use their channel to post original content, but are usually unable to get any revenue from what they post. This is about to change with the newly launched YouTube Pro Video Series.

What Social Networks Should Your Business Be On? Hint. Not All

social media, social networking, smbSocial media is a tool that everyone uses, but not all brands need a Twitter, Instagram or YouTube page. If you're a small business trying to get started in social media, here's what to consider before signing up.

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