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Zenprise News & Analysis

Citrix Acquires Mobile Device Management Provider Zenprise

Virtual computing solutions provider Citrix is acquiring mobile device management (MDM) technology vendor Zenprise. Citrix intends to integrate Zenprise into its existing CloudGateway and Me@Work solutions for mobile app and data management.

How Soon Before Mobile Overtakes Laptops, PCs?

Mobile Internet usage has surpassed desktop usage in China, but will the mobile trend really be able to kick laptops and PCs into the dustbin of history?

Zenprise Mobile Device Management Report Shows Growing Focus on Apps

Mobile device management provider Zenprise has released its quarterly report looking at mobile trends in the enterprise. Results identify iPad as the main factor in iOS growth, while Android dominates key verticals.

Zenprise Survey: Organizations Getting Serious About Mobile Business Initiatives

Mobile Device Management: Zenprise.pngIn its first Mobile Device Management Cloud Report (4Q 2011), Zenprise learned that a majority of ZenCloud devices were using iOS and that many companies were struggling to implement mobile security policies. In their most recent survey, Zenprise found that more organizations are taking proactive and innovative approaches to their mobile strategies, while others are investing in mobile business initiatives.

Apple Limits App Downloading with 'App Lock' in iOS 6

Thumbnail image for applelogo.pngApple is including an “app lock” feature in the new iOS 6 platform that will lock the device, allowing only one application to run. In a blog post, Apple partner Zenprise explains that app lock (also known by the less restrictive-sounding name “Guided Access”) is designed to allow users to provide their workforces with “purpose-built iOS devices.”

Zenprise MobileManager 7.0 and the Future of Mobile Device Management

Zenprise MobileManager 7.0 and the Future of Mobile Device ManagementNot only are Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies more prominent than ever, mobile device management is becoming more challenging, as well. While Zenprise has offered innovative solutions that work to secure the enterprise’s mobile networks, it’s their latest update that is by far the most innovative.

Zenprise Measures Mobile Device Management in the Cloud

Zenprise Measures Mobile Device Management in the CloudLast we talked about Zenprise, it was teaching us how to best manage our mobile devices in the face of extraordinary mobile growth, in and outside the enterprise. Today, it moved beyond white papers to bring us the first of many quarterly reports, which aims to measure aggregate device enrollments by OS, policy deployment and application blacklisting and whitelisting to ascertain trends and share best practices.

In the Face of Mobile Growth, Companies Need to Ask the Right Questions

The beginning of a new year is a time for businesses to look forward and prepare for the year to come, something the onslaught of predictions and year-end reviews aim to help with. And yet, new data about mobile devices trends can challenge how prepared companies are in protecting information shared across smartphones and tablets.

Zenprise Tries to Bring Serenity to Mobile Security Management

zenprise_logo.pngLet’s consider for a moment that the security that controls your workforce's mobile devices is like an immune system. Is it healthy enough to fight off viruses or ward off risky infections? Fortunately, your security infrastructure isn’t an immune system, so you don’t have to rely on synapses to oversee your company’s mobile security. There are tools that do just that.

Enterprise 2.0 Roll-up: Email Doesn't Take Holidays, Mobile Predictions for 2011

Consider the dinner table this holiday season. Will you be eating and enjoying time with family and friends, or checking your e-mail with your mobile device? A couple of recent surveys have revealed some uncomfortable facts about American behavior with regards to the mighty inbox, as well as the mobile trends to look for in 2011. 

Enterprise Mobility Trends for 2011 According to Zenprise Survey

Zenprise Predicts Enterprise Mobility Trends for 2011Enterprise mobility entails a gradual, but extensive, evolution in how companies run their day-to-day business. With the popularity of the Apple iPad and Android-based tablets on the rise, businesses are starting to adopt mobile technologies to improve communication and collaboration. Mobile Enterprise/Device Management service provider Zenprise (news, site) has shared some predictions in the enterprise mobility scene for 2011. 

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