Peter Goldie


San Francisco, CA, USA


digital marketing

"Peter Goldie, Chief Marketing Officer of Leanplum , is a business leader with 20+ years of experience in B2B and B2C Software, CPG, and Retail, with a knack for creating and launching market dominating products. Prior to joining Leanplum, Peter worked at Fluid, a digital commerce agency, to build out and grow a fledgling SaaS product business. As leader of the Flash business at Macromedia, Peter helped build Flash’s position as the most distributed software client on the planet, and its subsequent launch as an enterprise development platform. Prior to that, Peter was a GM at Alias/Wavefront, where he launched the world’s leading 3D animation product, Maya, which received an Oscar for Technical Achievement. Peter’s marketing expertise was honed during his time in Brand Management at Procter & Gamble, building revenue and market share on world-class brands such as Ivory, Crisco, and Pringles. He received his B.Comm from Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada."

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