ThingLink is introducing its interactive imaging sharing technology for Facebook users, giving brands one more method of reaching their audience on the social network.  

An Image is Worth a 1000 Words (and More)

Images are no longer just a frozen moment of time -- at least when it comes to social media. When used properly within a social context, images can be used as an engagement, conversation and discovery tool by adding interactive features, such as those available from ThingLink.

The company’s interactive image sharing technology, which integrated with Twitter recently, allows users to pick an image, add content such as video, other social media links and comments and then share to it their Facebook timeline. Those who see the image can then roll over the image to see what content has been added and view it without having to leave the page.

ThingLink allows content producers to better understand how their images are being used by consumers on the different social media platforms, both in terms of interactions with the image as well as a wide range of social behavior, said CEO Ulla Engeström in a blog post. “Publishers and individuals can now use ThingLink to transform static images on Facebook Timeline into a discovery experience.”


Learning Opportunities

Currently the list of rich media tags that users can add to Facebook images includes YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Flickr and Twitter with custom third-party support tags being added to the service within the next few weeks.

A Photo Trend

According to sources, such as Sam Laird of Mashable, ThingLink’s interactive photo idea isn't as unique as it may seem. Other companies, such as Stipple have also released similar technology, which shows that the social part of social media is starting to extend to all of the network’s features, including photos.

ThingLink isn't the first interactive-image service to hit Facebook. Stipple did so in January, but its presence does point to a growing trend,” he said. “Interactive images essentially give brands (or anyone else) a standalone communication platform within the larger Facebook platform.”

ThingLink: All About Images

Founded in 2010, ThinkLink operates under the idea that “every image contains a story” and gives its clients the chance to make content as interactive and social as possible in order to improve engagement levels for enterprise brands, companies and individuals. Companies and organizations that are using its technology include Doctors without Borders, The Los Angeles Times, Hyundaiand Ikea.