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Adobe's Creative Cloud has been a major hit for the company, and this week that Cloud gets some new capabilities with updates to video tools that add over 150 new features.

The update affects video capabilities in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe SpeedGrade CC, Adobe Prelude CC, Adobe Media Encoder CC and Adobe Story CC Plus. Additionally, revisions to Adobe Anywhere will offer new functions for large virtual teams to work together in shooting, logging, editing and finishing video productions.

4K, Mask Tracker

Creative Cloud is a membership-based online service that provides unlimited access to Adobe's popular video, design, Web and photography professional applications. Members also obtain access to publishing services, cloud storage and sync across all registered devices.

The new video tool updates include a Direct Link Color Pipeline that provides an integrated workflow between Adobe Premiere Pro and color correction app SpeedGrade, so that users can move multi-track timelines back-and-forth or open Premiere sequences in SpeedGrade. There's also expanded native support for such super-high resolutions as UltraHD and 4K, and for high frame rates and RAW formats so that editors can access native files from the new batch of high-resolution cameras.

A Mask Tracker in After Effects can now create masks and apply effects with automatic frame-by-frame tracking, and there have been some editing enhancements in Premiere to better support multicam video, closed captioning and new kinds of monitor overlays.

Live Logger

Adobe is also releasing a preview of the to-be-launched Prelude CC Live Logger iPad app that offers the ability to log data during shoots, in addition to syncing with timecode through wireless timecode generators and then matching up with footage to be edited in the Creative Cloud. There are also new scheduling, reporting and sharing tools in Adobe Story Plus.

Collaboration is of course a major emphasis in the Creative Cloud, and Adobe is taking steps to move forward its collaborative workflow platform Adobe Anywhere. The updates include new support for After Effects in this collaborative environment, the ability to edit media in Premiere Pro while it is recording to a file, and a preview of an upcoming Adobe Anywhere iPad app for playing back sequences from the Anywhere server.