URL shortening service Bit.ly (newssite) has acquired automated social media broadcaster Twitterfeed (newssite), moving from URL analytics towards channel delivery, thus extending its  intelligence capabilities into the burgeoning social media sphere. Customer experience managers should be pleased.

The Information Ecosystem

In its acquisition announcement, Bit.ly CEO Peter Stern says they have been working closely with Twitterfeed in providing branded shortlinks and realtime data for content pushed through users' social media streams.

With about a million active users as of July 2011, Bit.ly says a merger will provide users even more useful and actionable information from its analytics platform.

Meanwhile, Twitterfeed's enhanced sharing functionality will come in as a benefit to Bit.ly.

For years now, we've worked closely with our friends at Twitterfeed to enhance their social media publishing tools with branded short links and realtime data. Today, we are excited to announce that we have acquired Twitterfeed, and to welcome both Twitterfeed and its users to the bitly family.

Twitterfeed's founder, Mario Menti, will be joining the Bit.ly staff, and Twitterfeed's userbase will soon be integrated into the Bit.ly ecosystem. No financial details have been disclosed, though.

Who's the Winner Here?

The Twittefeed acquisition effectively makes Bit.ly one of the gatekeepers of what is being considered an important aspect of social media today: real-time information.

With millions and millions of tweets and messages flowing through Twitter, Facebook and other social mediums, being able to track and predict trends is a goldmine for businesses and marketing professionals.

For end-users, though, integration between services means easier access to social media publishing, URL shortening and analytics, and few hops about your browser tabs. We can applaud that.