CDN.net Teams Up with Wowza on Live Video Streaming

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CDN.net Teams Up with Wowza on Live Video Streaming
Content delivery start up CDN.net is now in the video business. Streaming media service provider Wowza has been named as a partner on a project that will provide video streaming that takes advantage of the CDN.net distributed network of servers.

Giving Video a Boost

If there ever was a technology that could take advantage of content caching on demand it's video. With high quality video becoming cheaper to produce, and a proliferation of devices available with which to create it, websites and networks are being inundated with video.

Even social networks like Twitter and Instagram have recently gotten into the video game with popular apps like Vine and Video on Instagram. These are examples of very lightweight video applications, but for longer and higher quality videos, the files get larger, and download times begin to drag.

That's especially true on mobile devices, and because many people around the world use smartphones as their primary Internet access point, this CDN.net and Wowza partnership makes a ton of sense.

The Tech

CDN.net launched in 2013, and its distrubuted network of on demand caching is ideally suited to streaming video. CDN.net will no doubt continue to build out its feature capacity, but including video seems like a timely choice for this update.

Learning Opportunities

With Wowza's Media Server technology at its side, CDN.net customers can stream video close to their audiences and reduce load times, all while taking advantage of flexible usage. The service supports Adobe, Microsoft Silverlight, Apple, Android and Flash protocols, and launches in Europe and North American locations. Asia Pacific will be addded soon.

Additionally, support has been added for MP4 and Flash videos (FLV). Customers will be able to seek around videos before they finish downloading, a process known as pseudo streaming. CDN.net is starting to branch out its services, and it obviously sees video as an area with lots of potential growth, and we agree that does seem to be the case.

As we noted in June, video usage is bringing organizations to the brink of information overload, a situation many companies once experienced with documents. At least with services like CDN.net, those companies can try to ensure their customers get the fast, mobile videos they want.