Content Strategies and Evolution of the Marketing Technologist #Gilbane 2013

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BOSTON — It's all about content here this week. Content creation. Content migration. Content that makes your organization a sensation.

We'll be at the 12th annual Gilbane Conference at the Westin Boston Waterfront starting tomorrow. All week, we'll be following the news and the latest and greatest from the four tracks: content marketing and the customer experience; content collaboration and employee engagement; technology and the post-digital experience; and digital strategies for publishing and media.

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IT, Business Mix

Before our trip to Beantown, we caught up with Frank Gilbane, founder and CEO of Bluebill Advisors and the Gilbane Conferences, which he has been running since 2002. Gilbane told us the conference has always been focused on content technologies, strategies and practices for applying them to content creation, management and delivery to multiple channels.

"We help marketers learn how to build better customer experiences and internal functional leaders to build more collaborative and integrated employee and partner experiences," Gilbane said.

Unique to this conference, according to Gilbane, is the inclusion of perspectives of "multiple and competing leading industry analysts and consultants to ensure a rich and unbiased learning environment."

"Our mix of content for IT and business," Gilbane added, "means we are a little more technical than some events and more how-to than hand-waving."

Learning Opportunities

What are some pain points in the industry today? Multi-channel delivery has always been difficult, Gilbane said, but today's multiple mobile platforms and versions combined with the coming explosion of the Internet of things make it seem overwhelming.

Challenges and Possibilities

"We have a number of sessions to help attendees get some informed grounding on the possibilities and challenges for designers, developers, publishers and business managers," he added.

Organizations must have capable content technology and some level of technical expertise in addition to IT. To this point, Gilbane said he's seen growth in the industry of the role of the marketing technologist, whatever title is used, or the integration of technology expertise across business functions.

"In our industry this is most evident today in marketing departments who need enough technical expertise to match the responsibilities they have as the digital face of the company," Gilbane said. "We have sessions on marketing technologists, marketing technology and specific technologies that marketers need to learn more about for either immediate implementation or strategic planning, such as analytics and big data."

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