Australian Web CMS vendor Elcom is expanding its US operations with a new office in San Francisco. The California location opens just 18 months after Elcom opened its first North American office in New York City.

Elcom Opens its Heart (and Office) in San Francisco

Elcom, which offers a .NET-based Web CMS aimed at mid-market companies, says the San Francisco office will support its expanding operations in the West Coast of the US. In addition, Elcom anticipates having an office located in the San Francisco Bay area will provide access to resources and networks in Silicon Valley.

elcomCMS 8 Keeps Intranets Social

Elcom is having a busy summer. This month’s new office opening in San Francisco follows last month’s release of elcomCMS 8, the latest version of the company’s flagship CMS product. The .NET-based elcomCMS 8 focuses on social intranets which are designed to provide mid-market to enterprise organizations with social media tools within a secure and controlled intranet environment.

Specific new social capabilities of elcomCMS 8 include social groups that allow users to collaborate with targeted conversations around topics, projects or ideas, as well as a calendar collaboration tool that can be added to any page and provides project team visibility of all deadlines, milestones, activities and resources.

Users with the right permissions can create a Team Workspace for project-specific communication and content. The workspace can include document lists, calendar, news stream, RSS feeds or any other elcomCMS module. ElcomCMS8 also includes a new user interface and features such as such as in-line editing, real-time search and integration with Objective, a document and records management tool. It can be hosted in a private or public cloud, and on or off-premise. 

Social Intranets Hold Promise

While the social intranet is still a relatively new concept, social intranets hold promise to finally deliver intranet potential that businesses have largely not yet realized. As reported on CMSWire, a recent Forrester Research survey found that just 43 percent of enterprise employees access an intranet every day and 35 percent don’t even use their intranet on a monthly basis.

However, social intranets such as elcomCMS 8 offer the potential for value-adding activities such as opening up content creation and curation to the full enterprise, breaking down the walls between people, groups and departments, and utilizing internal social graph intelligence to enhance the relevancy of the intranet experience. 

Social Intranet -- More than Corporate Facebook

In a November 2011 feature article, Forbes delved into how social intranet designers should not attempt to create an internal corporate version of Facebook. Instead, Forbes advised social intranet designers and users to put the employee at the center of the intranet to tie business processes and data to an employee’s social behavior. This focus, rather than trying to put consumer-type social tools into the hands of corporate users, results in employees leveraging internal knowledge, data and processes to maximize their own productivity and the productivity of their coworkers. 

Elcom is a Microsoft Gold partner with customers including Hyundai, Kia, VW, Target and the Australian Trade Commission.