Google can offer you tips on how to put out a fire. Now it can literally help put out a fire for you -- and take the temperature of the room.

In its first major news announcement of the New Year, Google Inc. announced today on its blog it will acquire smoke alarm detector maker Nest Labs for $3.2 billion.

First, Google Analytics. Now Google Extinguisher?

Nest Finds Home  

Google noted that Nest's mission is to "reinvent unloved but important devices" like thermostats and smoke alarms. It cited Nest's Learning Thermostat and Protect (Smoke + CO Alarm) as signature products that have earned "rave reviews."

Google closed on the NASDAQ today at $1,122.98, down 0.64 percent. 

Nest founders Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers are "already delivering amazing products you can buy right now -- thermostats that save energy and smoke/CO alarms that can help keep your family safe," Larry Page, CEO of Google, wrote in his company's blog post. "We are excited to bring great experiences to more homes in more countries and fulfill their dreams!"

Nest, with Google's leverage, is "better placed ... to build simple, thoughtful devices that make life easier at home, and that have a positive impact on the world,” Fadell said.

Learning Opportunities

No Technology Partnership Planned -- Yet

Rogers, in his company's blog today, told customers that Nest is still committed to protecting customers' homes with its products the "same way we’ve always done."

Nest will still continue to support iOS so customers can have the Nest app on their iPhones or iPads.  

As for how Nest's and Google's products may actually work with each other, Rogers said there was nothing planned at the moment.

"Nest’s product line obviously caught the attention of Google," he said, "and I’m betting that there’s a lot of cool stuff we could do together, but nothing to share today."