Content delivery vendor Limelight hosts video, provides content management, delivery, performance and cloud storage with Orchestrate 2.0.

Providing multiple format content to various devices in real time is a feature many technology providers are striving for in a mobile world, and Limelight Orchestrate 2.0 has been released for doing just that.

Learning Opportunities

Digital Presence in Orchestrate 2.0

Known for is content delivery network, and with the first major update to its Orchestrate platform, Limelight Networks is looking to integrate its more recent foray into content management with performance boosts and some added features.

Limelight has been active in content delivery for over a decade, and in 2011, it bought Clickability, a Web content management system. Orchestrate then debuted in 2012, the product of that Clickability acquisition. Now, version 2.0 of the system is rolling out, and features like enabling playback of a video immediately upon uploading will soon become available.

That particular feature will be available sometime in the third quarter this year, the company announced, and a Google Wildvine digital rights management implementation will also debut around the same time. Other performance updates include a smart video publishing stream that automatically adjusts the format to playback on any device, and storage and replication of digital content via Limelight's cloud storage infrastructure.

SEO + Insights

With any CMS, a certain amount of analytics are customarily included, and Orchestrate 2.0 is no different. This release includes access to user data, geolocation and connection type, for example. Furthermore, the system provides real time and historical analysis for live events by region, format, bitrate, total viewers, peak concurrent viewers and average minutes viewed per viewer.

Automated tagging has been added to Orchestrate 2.0, another popular SEO tool that is often seen as critical to any website. For extensibility, Limelight promises an expansive API system for connecting to existing CMS, CDN advertising and marketing automation systems.