A marketing email that isn’t delivered is worthless. To help marketers get a better handle on what gets through, Yesmail Interactive is introducing a new in-house email deliverability service.  

Yesmail says that a quarter of all emails never reach customers’ email inboxes, translating into losses ranging from thousands to millions of dollars every year. So, deliverability is step one in reaching a customer or potential customer.

Inboxing, Blacklists

To measure effectiveness and inform strategy, Yesmail Deliverability Intelligence offers improved inboxing metrics, blacklist reports, creative rendering for emails, and an updated deliverability strategy, provided at what the company said is a lower price-point than its competitors -- notably market leader ReturnMail.

Inboxing delivers reports on whether the email has actually reached a recipient’s mailbox, with delivery rates for inboxing of every email sent from more than 75 major ISPs around the world. Blacklist reports provide hourly and daily scans of the IP and sending domains against major blacklists, to constantly check if a marketer’s sending specs have somehow been marked down as those of a spammer.

Once the email is opened, the appearance can determine if there is a response. Creative rendering in Yesmail Delivery Intelligence lets marketers see how their email will look in more than three dozen Web, desktop and mobile clients. And the Yesmail service provides an expert consultant to help marketers interpret the results and use them for improving such metrics as response rates or the sender’s reputation.

Taking on Return Path

Jason Warnock, VP of Marketing Intelligence and Deliverability at Yesmail, told CMSWire that his company had a partnership with Return Path from 2009 to 2011 to provide deliverability intelligence, but discontinued the relationship when Return Path “wanted to own the relationship with the client.”

Yesmail decided to develop its own deliverability intelligence capability, one that would go beyond Return Path’s self-service tools, he said. His company came up with four different packages, each of which offers an expert consultant’s time to go along with self-service tools. The first level, for instance, is designed for companies that only do one email campaign a month, and includes up to three hours of an expert per month. The top level includes as much as 22 hours.

“Return Path has been unchallenged in this market for some time,” Warnock said, “and we’re saying ‘let’s go toe to toe.’” He added that Yesmail has “already stolen five clients from them.”