As great as creating infographics are for conveying complex information visually, they are still fairly static, and while there are a variety of tools that have made it easier for non-designers to create their infographics, the functionality available has been pretty limited. One of our favorite platforms, Piktochart, has released an update that aims to make infographics more interactive and engaging.

Interactive Infographics

The new version, which was delayed until the new year, offers much more interactive capabilities, including the ability to add hyperlinks into content and add multiple clickable tabs to separate content viewing. Additionally, Piktochart has made infographics easier to share across social media and be found across search engines. You can see a finished product in action on their blog.

Of course, functionality wasn't the only thing updated. Piktochart’s new version also features new design templates and better overall user experience for both the creator and end user.

We got to try out the new version on the demo site. While Piktochart was never complicated to use, the new version definitely provides a fresher, cleaner user interface that makes creating an infographic more intuitive. Instead of having a side menu of options, users can add images and icons, upload new graphics, choose backgrounds and add text from the bottom, allowing more room to see the infographic. Additionally, saving and exporting infographics is easier, as is previewing it.


A New Age of Infographics

In order to create the new version, Piktochart had to abandon its original completely. New users can create an account at According to their FAQ, all Pro users' email addresses have already been imported to the new database together with the appropriate account information, though you are required to reset your password.

The new version isn't just about providing slick new interfaces or fun themes, ultimately it’s about saving time and helping users make more engaging designs. Because Piktochart infographic and presentation tools employ simple drag-and-drop mechanisms and are hosted on the cloud, updating, editing and sharing infographics is convenient and efficient.