Responding to what it sees as a crisis in providing effective sales performance reviews and feedback, is unveiling a “seamless experience” between the Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM tool and performance review application.

salesforce-work.png says the integration will allow individual sales goals to be visible inside the Chatter tool and also enable the recognition of good performance within a Sales Cloud opportunity record. And employee social profiles in will now contribute to their Chatter reputations.

According to a blog post, this new integrated functionality will enable ongoing coaching and rewarding of sales reps and also eliminate the traditional review process -- a “time-consuming, backward-looking process that doesn’t help them improve, and in many cases takes them away from selling at the most crucial time of the year: the end of the fourth quarter.” Eyeing HR Entry?

Commentary from IDG News Service speculates that beyond more immediate goals of improving how sales performance is reviewed and managed, the Sales integration “speaks to (’s) ambition to spread beyond CRM into human resources software.” IDG notes that as a performance management application, can be licensed for all employees in an organization and also is an “easier sell” than more heavily regulated HR tools. Takes Focus is a social performance management platform that evolved from a application previously known as Rypple. When was announced in September 2012, CMSWire reported that the release would focus in three areas:

  • Alignment: Brings a fragmented workforce together and aligns all work efforts in a single direction. With, teams will be managed in real-time social through ongoing feedback and coaching. Social goals will also be visible in Chatter, providing transparency across the entire enterprise.
  • Motivation: This enables enterprises to acknowledge the work people are doing on a daily basis. Workers can recognize the efforts of colleagues using custom badges. The badges become part of their profile, enabling workers to build up public reputations and identify themselves as experts.
  • Performance: will enable performance reviews based on real work done rather than assessments by people who are unaware of how an employee is actually doing. It enables painless productive reviews that improve performance by capturing achievements and weak points.

The new integration with Sales Cloud is a big step toward meeting all three of these goals and indicates that the platform us taking a clear focus which should give an idea of where it will go in 2013.

The Sales integration is now available in pilot and currently scheduled to be generally available to all customers in the first half of 2013.