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The long weekend is here! Whether you`re gearing up for one last camping trip or planning a family BBQ, why not take some time for yourself and catch up on all our must-read features you may have missed this week. Happy Labor Day!

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Content marketing. Two small words that seem to be everywhere nowadays. As brands and publishers put more and more resources into original content, advertising and helpful information it can be difficult to find the right blend of content. Never fear -- Matthew Myers (@tidallabs) shares the secret to creating the perfect mix in Create Customer Connections with a Content Marketing Mix

Each of the essentials -- in-house content, native advertising and community-driven contributions provide truly unique and engaging material that readers are seeking out. The key is finding the right blend of content."

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Microsoft may be making continued announcements in regards to its roadmap for SharePoint and Yammer integration, but despite all the talk there seems to be very little, if any, advice on how to successfully run the products together. So, how can you make the most out of SharePoint and Yammer? Chris Clark (@chrisclark005) tells us in his recent article Making the Most of SharePoint AND Yammer.

With every announcement Microsoft make about their roadmap for SharePoint and Yammer integration, there comes a flurry of excitement and activity from customers and industry experts alike. However, a year on from the acquisition, there remains little in the way of practical advice on how to run the two products side-by-side in the time between now and full integration."

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Wondering how to choose between SharePoint on premises and cloud deployments? The answer is an easy one -- pick both. In his article, SharePoint 2013: The Role of Hybrid Deployments William Saville (@sharepointux) explains that SharePoint users don't have to choose, they can have the best of both worlds with hybrid deployments.

At the recent WPC conference it was clear from the various keynote speakers that Microsoft is now fully behind a "software and services" philosophy. This really means that Microsoft is embracing the cloud across the board, across all of its product divisions and teams. This shift includes SharePoint, in the guise of Office 365. SharePoint 2013, the latest release, is now very much a "cloud first" product with Microsoft fully behind the new Office 365 subscription model."

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