Yesmail to Boost Data, Campaign Management with RedPoint Partnership

Yesmail Interactive is focused on data and campaign management with its recent RedPoint Global partership. The two companies have teamed up to offer Yesmail customers a more complete view of customers across channels.


Using Data for Targeting + Segmentation

RedPoint specializes in providing customer data that can then be combined with Yesmail's own information to create even more personalized campaigns. Using the RedPoint Convergent Marketing Platform, Yesmail customers will have even more targeting and segmenting options than ever. 

There are thre components to the Convergent Marketing Platform, and they are RedPoint Data Management, Interaction and Integration Architecture. These tools will allow Yesmail demographic information to be rounded out with insights on customers' social media usage, household composition and channel preference, for example.

Using RedPoint Data Management, Yesmail customers get acces to its extract, trasform and load (ETL) tool that reads and writes to databases, flat or delimited text files and DBF and XML files. This is needed to onboard customer data, and aid in consumer matching and data quality.

Additionally, RedPoint Data Management can build complex workflows, and integrate customer information like cross matching data from multiple sources that share common entities but that don't have shared keys.

Yesmail Enterprise Customers Win

Between Yesmail's already extensive capabilities, and this integration with RedPoint, Yesmail Enterprise customers will likely be very happy with this partnership. By syncing more data with existing customer knowledge, finding the right customers and sending them the most contextual messages could prove a decisive advantage.

Yesmail doesn't make its pricing publicly available, but for the power email marketers that use it, this will no doubt be a welcome upgrade. The move comes on the heels of another important Yesmail partnership back in May. Yesmail teamed up with TrueEffect for more accurate ad serving, a move that could result in more emails making it to the most relevant people.

Email marketing is a super competitive business, and Yesmail is making some smart partnerships to keep it at the edge of the technology side of things.

Image credit: rosedesigns / Shutterstock