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This week: Forrester on content, AvePoint's content integration with Box, a product idea tester for consumer packaged goods and a report on mobile ads.

Putting the Content into Content Marketing

What about the content in content marketing? A new report from Forrester Research, "Compare Your B2B Content Marketing Maturity" [subscription required] – plus a related blog post – finds that 87 percent of marketers struggle to create engaging content for customers and potential customers. Content, Forrester says, all too often devolves into "talk of products and features, rather than interesting insights buyers crave."

The basic problem, according to Forrester: too much focus on content for early-stage customer acquisition, rather than nurturing customer relationships with insights about other parts of the customer lifecycle.

AvePoint's DocAve Cloud Connect

AvePoint, a provider of governance and infrastructure management solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, is out with DocAve Cloud Connect, enabling SharePoint and Box users to search, edit, share and collaborate on content.

"With our integration with Box," according to Co-Founder and Co-CEO Tianyl Jiang, "it's no longer a Box or SharePoint conversation, it's a Box and a SharePoint conversation. You have one vision for your business and with DocAve Cloud Connect, we are able to break down two of the data silos that exist in many organizations today."'s Product Idea Tester, an on-demand consumer insights platform from market researcher uSamp, has introduced its Concept Test. It is intended to provide consumer packaged goods brands and retailers with the ability to screen new product ideas, and provide instant access to audiences to determine purchase intent, among other factors.

Prior to Concept Test, the company said, brand testing could take several weeks to compile data from as few as 30 consumers, but now the platform offers a nationally representative consumer sample, "often within two days, at a fraction of the cost."

State of Mobile Ads

AppFlood, a China-based global mobile real-time bidding (RTB) network, has released its Q2 Data Report on the State of Global Mobile Advertising.

The report indicates that emerging markets are beginning to outpace developed regions in mobile, and covers such areas as mobile ad spend growth and app install rates, by region.