Demand for document management and record management software is set to grow by over 7% every year for the next five years in the Asia/Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) region, according to new research by IT market research company IDC (news, site).

Despite a generally flat world economy, it seems that the content management systems market is buzzing even in the APEJ region with a predicted annual spend of US$ 308.42 million by 2013.

The research only confirms trends already identified in the US earlier with reports from both Forrester and AIIM showing that a considerable majority of firmswere planning major investments in IT, and in particular in document and records management software.

US Vendors in APEJ

The APEJ report entitled APEJ Content Management Pulse Check, Adoption Drivers, and Barriers in 2009: What Are Buyers Prioritizing?are the results of IDC’s Asia/Pacific Software Adoption Survey conducted in 1H 2009 covering 1,341 respondents.

Of particular note for US vendors is that the top five vendors in the region include IBM, EMC, HP, Oracle and Interwoven who together make up 58% of the content management market in the region.

However, equally noteworthy is that local vendors are beginning to catch up with companies like Newgen Software and Cyberdime beginning to make a significant impact on the market.

Document Management In APEJ

So what does the study show? There are a number of interesting findings including:

  • 58.8% have indicated that they plan to either increase current investments or make new investments in document management software.
  • 50% of respondents plan to either increase current investments or make new investments in records management software.
  • The top 3 biggest challenges identified by the respondents with regard to deploying and using content software are: 1. keeping content accurate and up-to-date (30.9%), 2. archiving content for long-term storage and disposition (16.1%) and 3. integrating content with enterprise applications (12.9%).
  • In India, Singapore, China and Australia, managing content published on the Web is the main function of content management software.
  • Storing and managing digital assets is the second top role played by CM software in Australia (19%) and the China (21.7%).
  • Over 34% of respondents surveyed are using and planning to increase their spending for Web content management (WCM).


Some of the results included in the IDC APEJ report for 2009

Another interesting fact is that while both India and China look set to increase their IT spend on content management generally, in Australia a majority said they were going to be cutting back.

Says Ridhi Sawhney, Market Analyst of Asia/Pacific Software Research at IDC:

"Managing content with ever-increasing volumes of information, mounting regulatory pressure, and disparate applications with isolated data repositories, remains a big challenge.“

Document Management US

Sound familiar? Well, it should.In September,the Forrester report entitled Records Management: User Expectations, Market Trends, And Obstaclesshowed that more than half of those surveyed said that they will be expanding their technology deployments in this regard by 2010.

Learning Opportunities

It also showed that more than half (56%) said they would be investing in new licenses, or try out new products in the coming year (5%). And while only 26% said they were confident they could meet privacy requirements, 45% said they were somewhat confident.

Also earlier this year, in its annual State of the ECM Industry research report, AIIM found that managing electronic office documents is still a challenge for 47% of organizations, and that modern business communication channels -- instant messages, text messages, blogs and wikis -- are uncontrolled and off the corporate radar for 75% of businesses.


It also found that whereas two years ago compliance was the main driver for bringing this content into a controlled and searchable environment, cost savings and efficiency are now the main motivating factors.

Seems that not only are the regions outside of the US and Europe experiencing the same difficulties with documents and records management, compliance and eDiscovery, they also adopting the same solutions to the problems.

A very profitable market you would think! Certainly some of the US top vendors do.

The APEJreport iscurrently available from IDC.