Earlier this year, Interactive Intelligence Group Inc. was named a visionary in the space of CRM Web Customer Service by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. Its latest release provides what it calls a simple and intuitive way for businesses to manage critical documents.

The organization debuts today Interaction Content Manager (ICM), a media-independent software application that captures, indexes, stores, searches, accesses and manages business-critical content. The vendor’s solution aims to reduce costs, increase employee productivity and improve customer service by enabling the right content to be available at the right time, they said. 

Going for Simple

During a briefing with CMSWire, the product design and marketing team said the product is targeted for mid- to large-sized contact centers and enterprises, and particularly for content-intensive, highly-regulated vertical industries such as insurance, financial services, healthcare and government.

“We wanted to have a clean and very intuitive design for the user,” Eric Sewell, business automation presales consultant for Interactive Intelligence, told CMSWire. “And the idea is to give this to somebody, and they can use it really without much education.”

ICM includes:

  • Real-time access to content throughout an interaction or business process regardless of user or content location.
  • Scalable architecture that offers high availability across distributed environments.
  • Web services and public APIs that help integration and access to information stored in legacy and line-of-business systems.
  • Configurable interfaces and a unified view of content from multiple disparate systems within the context of the business process.
  • Centralized control of administration, security and auditing, with flexibility to delegate administrative authority to business units.
  • Cloud, on-premises, or hybrid deployment options with the ability to easily migrate from cloud to on-premises.

document management, Document Management Solution by Interactive Intelligence Aims for Simplicity

What's the 'Wow' Factor?

When we asked Interactive Intelligence what makes its new offering unique, the company referred to its ability to aid end users during business transactions in real-time.

“I think the wow factor is the ability to access content during an interaction or during a business process, or both,” Rachel Wentink, senior director of strategic initiatives for Interactive Intelligence, told CMSWire. “And to be able to do it more easily because of that combined software suite that we need.”  

Ultimately, Wentink said, ICM will enable organizations to increase employee productivity and improved customer experience.  

Visionaries for Security  

Interactive Intelligence earned that visionaries citation from Gartner’s MQ for CRM Web Customer Service earlier this year alongside Avaya, Artificial Solutions and Presence Technology. It is going to have to be a visionary in security considering its target markets with ICM.

Healthcare facilities, for instance, are being watched more carefully by government regulators. Large data breaches can earn organizations spots on the Office for Civil Rights Web large patient information breach list. As of today, 674 organizations have made the list for breaches involving 500 or more individuals. OCR began accounting for the reports in February of 2010.

And naturally in finance and government, breaches there have serious ramifications.  

The company expects to release Interactive Content Manager in English Q4, with additional languages to follow in the first half of 2014.