Intrexx Turns Portal Apps Mobile Without Programming
In the market for mobile solutions? Join the club. Unfortunately, the number of individuals in need of mobilized apps greatly exceeds the number of programmers available. Enter United Planet, a company with a non-techie solution. 


United Planet's Intrexx essentially enables companies to transform the information and applications residing on an existing portal -- such as SAP or Lotus Notes --  into mobile Web applications. And! Bonus! Because United Planet's Application Designer is at the heart of the product, users can create and operate these applications without any programming knowledge.

Here's how it works for mobile:




Because the portal runs in the mobile device’s browser, there's no software to install. The user simply logs in via the Web for immediate access to all the applications on the portal. 

"To create the mobile applications, the entire range of functions of all modules in Intrexx are also available to you: filters, process trees, web services, data integration, etc.," states the company. "This lets you, for example, integrate data from your inventory or ERP system via an Intrexx application into your enterprise portal, then make it available on your smartphone. The connection to the existing systems can take place with read and write access here." 

The product obviously gives works mobile insight into the most current business data, as well as allow them to contribute at any time. 

Here's Susan with a step-by-step tutorial:

Sweet Suite

There are a few versions of the suite you can choose from, each offering different perks. Intrexx Professional, for example, synchronizes user data with LDAP systems and provides system tools for optimal user and rights management.

United Planet's software supports several commercial and free databases, and runs on Windows as well Linux and Sun Solaris. Try a trial here