Social Intranet Software To Get Your Company Collaborating

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ThoughtFarmer has changed the name of their intranet solution to better define the market it supports. Now called Social Intranet Software, the latest version out offers a host of new features that will get your employees collaborating and sharing their knowledge.

It's Good to Talk

Informal use of social networks within a company might boost gossip and help individual projects, but there comes a time when it just isn't enough. So, where to start, what tools to deploy and what rules to set? Social Intranet Software (SIS) is one solution to these questions and a rapidly deployed, accessible solution at that.


ThoughtFarmer New Branding

Deploy SIS within your enterprise and you get a multilingual, accessible way for all your employees to create rich, detailed profiles. They can create and collaborate on documents, manage calendars and the knowledge gained remains persistent and accessible for everyone else.

Social Intranet Software is designed to turn all staff into authors, helping them contribute to the company's knowledge. It is available as a server-side package with additional features such as training and migration at a fee. Pages in SIS can contain RSS feeds and blogs; they can be created and tailored for groups within the company or across the organization. Security can be managed efficiently through permissions and as staff contribute, the company's obvious heroes can be noticed.

What's New in Version 3.5?

The latest version of SIS is 3.5 and adds discussion capture from within emails. Distribution lists can be created and the content of all emails is stored and made searchable, email chains can be read just like a Facebook discussion with easy links to message creators. A full version history allows every change to be noted and recorded.

Learning Opportunities


ThoughtFarmer's editing features are always just a click away.

Other improvements to the application include a new employee directory with search, sort, filter and find. Speed has been improved, using gzip to compress files with client and server caching to reduce demand. Finally, design has been boosted with a new look and skinnable features allowing your company's branding.


Thought Farmer - Employee Directory

Social Intranet Software runs on Windows servers and resides within your company's firewall. It can synchronize with Active Directory and can be accessed through common browsers including Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 3 or Safari. Pricing starts at US$ 109 per user for the first 200 seats with negotiable pricing for larger numbers.