Vasont Introduces New Version of Single-Source XML Component Content Management System
Vasont Systems (news, site) announced the latest release of its XML-base single source component content management system. Vasont’s latest release includes a number of enhancements such as custom formatting for version comparison and improved control over business workflow.

What’s New in the Vasont CMS

Vasont provide a single-source publishing platform that allows organizations to create and store content once, but reuse it many times in multiple formats or translations. For example, a company may need to publish instruction manuals for multiple products. Each manual might include the same set of steps for initiating a repair with the company. Instead of replicating the content in each manual, the steps can be stored once and integrated into the manual at the point of publishing.

Vasont  has announced the release of the latest version of the software, ST 2.1. The most recent release, which is available in both on-premises perpetual license and cloud-based software-as-a-service versions, includes several enhancements to the platform’s editorial and project management capabilities.

Key Enhancements

The following are key enhancements to the new version of the software:

  • Custom Style for Version Comparison:  Allows users to define custom display preferences such as colors for version comparison
  • Preview: Allows users to preview content in multiple output formats before publishing; in addition, that platform now allows users to navigate from the preview to the user interface for editing and approval
  • Project Management and Workflow: Allows users to capture project and task information, which can be used to sort and filter projects for better tracking and reporting
  • Expanded Managerial Privileges: Provides managers more flexibility to control and modify their business processes to support their needs
  • Annotations: Users can now collaborate with other users in the Annotations window; additionally, the new Workflow and Annotations Report provides users and managers with more complete information about the status of the selected content
  • Content Configuration: Allows administrators to create and update alias attributes more quickly, making system configurations easier and more efficient

Vasont has significant experience in single-source content management. The continued improvements in its platform will help the company remain competitive in the expanding market.