Liferay Impresses With 6.1 Release
Open source portal provider Liferay has finally released thelatest version of its platform, version 6.1 Community Edition. We were able tosee a preview of 6.1 at the Liferay West Coast Symposium back in September, andthe official release did not disappoint.

What’s New in 6.1

The team at Liferay has clearly been busy. Version 6.1 includes a multitude of defect fixes and an impressive list of new features that make the platform easier to navigate and use -- starting with the platform installation and configuration. Version 6.1 features a new setup wizard that eliminates the need to modify properties files manually. Liferay now provides a graphical wizard that guides users through first-time setup of the portal, making it substantially less daunting for new users. Users aren’t required to use the wizard; seasoned Liferay veterans can bypass the wizard and configure all settings manually.


The enhancements don’t end at installation. In addition to the new installation wizard, Liferay 6.1 now includes a number of new features such as:

  • User-customizable pages, which allows any user to create a personalized version of a public page; administrators can specify the areas of the page that support customizations
  • Better support for mobile devices; the portal now supports pluggable device detection, which allows content to be modified based on the devices capabilities
  • Consolidation of the document library and image gallery
  • Support for mounting multiple repositories via CMIS
  • Native support for storing and serving videos
  • Better support for staging; the platform now allows concurrent editing of sites with version and rollback
  • Better support for social networking and implementation of OpenSocial 1.1

Liferay is also working toward incorporating an app store/marketplace concept into the portal. The feature is not included in 6.1, but support for app hot deploy is included in the release. A complete description of what’s available is 6.1 is available in the release announcement.

Learning Opportunities

Getting More Information

Liferay 6.1 CE is available now for download. Liferay also provides a quick start guide that guides new users through the download, installation and configuration process. The official documentation for Liferay Portal 6.1 is also now available of the Liferay site.

Liferay has evolved to a solid portal offering that rivals many traditional commercial offerings, as evidenced by its appearance on several analyst rankings for horizontal portals. The latest release doesn’t deviate from the path. Users will likely be please with all the goodies that Liferay has delivered for the new year.