Vasont Makes Component Content Management More Efficient
Component content management system (CMS) vendor Vasont has released a new version of its platform. The latest release, Vasont ST 2.3, has a number of improvements that make working with the CMS more efficient – especially if you need to publish in multiple languages.

What’s New in Vasont ST 2.3

Component content management is all about managing pieces of content as entities (sub-documents) so organizations can reuse them more easily. In component content management, control and efficiency are critical, which is likely the reason Vasont focused so heavily on efficiency improvements in its latest release.

Version 2.3 includes several enhancements notable enhancements:

  • Better search capabilities, such as the ability to search within styled content previews and more attributes so that users can find what they need faster
  • One-step branching to create a new version of a content component
  • Speed enhances for loading and extracting XML and non-XML multilingual content to and from the CMS

Vasont Preview Search.jpg

Additional Details

In addition to these enhancements, Vason also upgraded several of its third-party integrations. For example, the platform now supports Microsoft’s PowerPoint 2010, which allows content from the latest of PowerPoint to be reused across the enterprise instead of spending time, effort and resource recreating it.  The Vasont Universal Integrator (VUI), Vasont's Extension for integrating with external XML editing tools, has been updated with user interface and workflow to allow users to edit and process content more effectively in their preferred XML editor. These ehancements have been made in both the on-premises solution and in the cloud-based software-as-a-service offering.

Vasont ST 2.3 is available now in both on-premises perpetual license and SaaS (software as a service) versions.