Magnolia 2.0 Released, J2EE Open-Source CMS

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Obinary announces version 2.0 of the open source Magnolia Web CMS. Magnolia is based on the J2EE platform and accesses content using JSR-170, the "Java Content Repository" API.According to industry experts, JSR-170 will bring about major advances in interoperability and investment protection.Magnolia 2.0 offers some outstanding features, even compared to commercially licensed systems.The developers at Obinary succeeded in transferring well-known desktop software behavior to the web-based user interface. The result is a substantially improved user experience, which for once earns the often-strained description "intuitive"."Magnolia it is so simple to use that we were able to substantially reduce training expenditures for authors with its introduction.Owing to Magnolia, content is published more timely and more frequently today, thus substantially increasing the value of our Intranet" saysBeat Schoepflin, Head IT of Mepha, a Swiss based pharmaceuticalcompany.Magnolia 2.0 is the first open-source CMS and one of the first products in general that is based on the new JSR-170 standard. JSR-170 defines the "Java Content Repository API", which standardized vendor-independent content repository interfaces. Magnolia 2.0 uses the open-source licensed JSR-170 implementation, "Jackrabbit", as a content repository. Jackrabbit is based on version 0.14 of the JSR-170 standard definition.Magnolia 2.0 has been developed by Obinary, a software and consulting firm located in Basel/Switzerland. Obinary offers commercial support, hosting, training and implementation services for Magnolia. Magnolia 2.0 is available from http://www.magnolia.info and can be tested online at http://www.magnolia.info/demo.