Vorsite's New Search Connector ActiveResults
Vorsite continues its pursuit of connector technologies for Microsoft SharePoint and enterprise content management systems with the announcement of a new product in its suite of enterprise search and ECM connector solutions. With the new solution, ActiveResults, it should be easier to search, find and manage information scattered across multiple locations -- e-mail servers, ECM systems, file servers, intranets, desktops, etc. -- as in a typical enterprise content management scenario.

ActiveResults Search Connector

ActiveResults is the latest addition to the company’s suite of ECM and search connectors, rounding up Vorsite’s portfolio to six distinguished solutions, some of which we’ve covered before. It works on two fronts: content and search. It is compatible with EMC Documentum and IBM FileNet on the ECM side, and Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express, Microsoft Search Server 2008, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 on the search side. Vorsite's new technology promises to foster collaboration and content control across various back-end systems. Vorsite’s ActiveResults for MOSS extends the capabilities of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 by providing users with real-time access to secure content and the ability to manage that content without leaving the search results screen. The document control capabilities available include the ability to view and edit document properties, or send it to another location. Currently, ActiveResults supports actions on search results from FileNet, Documentum and SharePoint content sources. As we’ve mentioned before SharePoint is as hot right now as it is volatile, which is good news for Vorsite -- it should keep the company in business for many years to come. As long as Vorsite continues to evolve its business model around various connectors, while bridging the gap between their two favorites: MOSS and EMC Documentum. So far, there are six products in Vorsite’s connector “goodie bag”:

Content Connectors

* v-Pass for Documentum: Designed mainly for transfer of file contents and metadata from SharePoint to ECM Documentum Content Server * v-Pass for FileNet: A connector between SharePoint and FileNet repositories * v-Parts for Documentum: Provides access to ECM Documentum repositories through the Microsoft SharePoint Portal

Search Connectors

* Vorsite Search Connectors: For EMC Documentum and IBM FileNet * Vorsite Federated Search for EMC Documentum * And the newest addition - ActiveResults: For Microsoft SharePoint and EMC Documentum