7 Deadly Signs of Career Burnout Infographic

Fantasizing about the end of the workweek when you haven't even made it half way is a bad sign — about the state of your work life as well as your state of mind. Just ask executive coach and author Peter C. Diamond, the guy who came up with a list of seven signs of midlife career distress.

While premature evaporation of days or hours isn't included on Diamond's list, it should be. If you've ever glanced at a clock and wondered "Is it time to go yet?" then you'll understand. And you'll understand even more if your clock watching is accompanied by an even larger, harder to answer question.

What am I doing with my life?

Stuck at Midlife

As Diamond explains, midlife is supposed to be the time when we should have it all. "In actuality it’s more like, 'My life is more complicated than I ever imagined and my career is not turning out as I had hoped. I’m at a crossroads.'"

Perhaps the most difficult part about finding your career in flux is that this is the time when you have the most to give. And yet you're feeling the most vulnerable grappling with knowing if your company considers you valuable, someone who will continue to be rewarded and given challenging assignments, and whether this is consistent with how you rate your contributions and value to the company."

Diamond is the author of "Amplify Your Career and Life: 4 Steps to Evaluate, Assess and Move Forward." As a career coach, he tries to help people navigate career shifts and create better work-life fulfillment. His corporate clients include Leo Burnett, United Airlines, National Association of Realtors and Razorfish.

The good news, Diamond suggests, is that it's possible to dig out of career doldrums.

"Start by bringing awareness to your current circumstances and the truths that exist. To create awareness, you have to have the ability and presence of mind to step back and see your current situation for what it is," he maintains.

That's a little tedious for a Friday … Wednesday. So we thought we'd make his advice a little easier to digest by having our own Jackie Jordan transform Diamond's tips into an easy-to-read infographic. Take a look — and test some of the strategies. Go ahead. You have time. Don't you watch the clock all day anyway?


Title image by Luc De Leeuw  (Flickr) via a CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license.