Jed Cawthorne describes himself as an enterprise information management, enterprise content management and collaboration evangelist. His goals are to improve information sharing, process management, content management and social collaboration to create 'knowledge enabled' organizations. In addition to teaching Information Management part-time at University of Toronto, Jed keeps busy with projects for the Legal, Compliance and Investigations & Security teams — as well as writing inspiring posts for CMSWire readers.

What do you consider your most significant career accomplishment to date?

Probably my most significant accomplishment is getting my current role as Director of IT Strategy and KM in the Legal, Corporate Compliance Group. However, right up there with it, and topical given the current events on and around a certain comet, was building the clean rooms and control room IT infrastructure and the Science Data Archive for the ESA Mars Express mission's Beagle 2 mars lander.

How do you define success?

It think this is often contingent on circumstances, but at the most basic level I would say that achieving what you said you were going to do is a good start!

What motivates you?

Depends on the time of day ... first thing in the morning, it might be caffeine! Seriously, again it depends on the circumstances. Motivating factors change, but doing interesting work with interesting people is always a motivator.

What is the first interaction with technology that you remember and what did you think at the time?

That's a difficult question. I did not really get into computers at school in the late 70's and early 80's but I think when I joined my first Royal Navy warship in 1984 and we had a brand new computer based message handling system, oh and all the radars, missiles systems, etc., is when I suddenly thought it was very interesting and started paying attention to technology.

Fill in the blanks:

If I didn't do my current work: I would be a history professor or a space scientist.

When I'm not working: I am fencing or reading about swords or historical combat techniques and western medieval martial arts.

The highest compliment someone could give me is: 
when someone approaches me at a conference and says they have read my articles on CMSWire!