In the second release in as many weeks, UK-based HighQ has announced the release of a new cloud-based tool that offer enterprises the ability to create due diligence reports in the cloud.

Due Diligence and Security

The release addresses one of the biggest issues still preventing many firms in sensitive verticals like health or finance from moving to the cloud -- data security.

Dubbed HighQ Diligence, it has been designed with the help of a number of due diligence specialists, who came up with a list of security options. HighQ incorporated those options into the new product.

Ultimately, the goal is to offer enterprises a standardized way of creating due diligence reports as well as save time in what can be an extremely laborious, time consuming and consequently, expensive process. According to HighQ, the intuitive interface makes the software easy to use with little or no training required.

While automating or streamlining the production of due diligence reports is attractive -- HighQ CEO Veenay Shah estimates that it has saved one of its SMB customers over US$ 3 million last year -- it is only one part of a much wider release from HighQ this month.

Social Business, HighQ’s Collaborate 3 Platform Offers Now Provides Due Diligence Tools

HighQ Collaboration 3 Mobile Optimization

HighQ Collaborate 3

Earlier in the month, HighQ announced the availability of HighQ Collaborate 3, released as a mobile-enabled version of its cloud-based file sharing and collaboration platform.

HighQ designed Collaborate 3 with touch-screens in mind, optimizing it for tablets. However, HighQ says, it is equally responsive for other mobile devices and desktops.

The objective was to provide enterprises with software that would combine the best in current practices in user experiences, along with enterprise-grade security.

HighQ claims success in doing this, also noting its secure document management, social networking and knowledge management tools. Needless to say, it also provides file sharing as one of the cornerstones of enterprise collaboration, as well as private messaging, central notification and other social functionality.

There is a lot of other added functionality here, but the push is towards enhanced collaboration abilities. Patel says that with Collaborate 3, HighQ is addressing a shift in the way organizations and users share information.

While email is still a major force in the enterprise, the shift to mobile devices means users now expect to be able to access data anywhere, at any time and agile vendors need to address this.