IBM is ready to show off a more social version of Notes/Domino December 14, but a preview was shown by the company in mid November -- here's the rundown of updates.

Notes/Domino Social Edition 9 made its debut at Lotusphere 2012, but IBM has been working on the release for over a year, and December 14 is the target date for the public beta launch.

Keep it in the Inbox

For those who like to stay productive by keeping applications within the inbox, the new updates to Notes/Domino will be welcome indeed. 


IBM's new home page for Notes/Domino.

Besides new icons and overall aesthetics, ND 9 includes added features like grouping emails by date for easier sorting. Group emails from last week or the whole month of October to cut down on sort time. There's also an added quick find feature for searching and the ability to add multiple contacts at the same time.

Highlight the messages you want to add, and they can all be added to contacts using a handy widget that easily scrolls through each selected person so additional info can be added. Along the top of the page is also a new set of shortcut buttons right below the navigation tools. These can be customized by administrators for adding things like business partner apps.

Keep in mind these are only a few of the highlighted additions from the November announcement, so there's plenty to explore when the beta goes public. 

Calender, iNotes Updates

IBM has added a couple of features customers had been asking about, particularly in the calender. There's now the ability to add color codes to calender categories so personal and work items can be identified at a glance, for example.

Learning Opportunities


Note the black shortcut buttons bar across the top.

Additionally, in the One Month calender view, individual days can be more easily searched with a new scroll bar. If multiple days have lots going on in the month, it's no longer necessary to click into each one to see every item. Instead, each day can be scrolled just like in a Web page. 

For iNotes, the browser version of ND 9, attachments can now be added via drag and drop, and there's a real nifty new tool for downloading attachments. For large files especially, this tool will be useful.

If a large file comes into your inbox, IBM has added a tool that allows that file to be saved to files instead of being stored in the inbox. That way, inbox space is saved. When this tool is selected, the item will disappear from the attachments list in the message, and the file will now live where ever it was saved.


Message stream in ND 9 Social Edition.

IBM seems to have given up on the Lotus branding for this product, and that's likely a good move. For those using Lotus Notes who wish to migrate to Office 365,  a tool has been announced to make that happen. Will it matter for new IBM customers? Maybe, but the features are what counts, and when the system goes live December 14, we'll have a better idea of just how popular it might be.