Jive Cloud Updates
Jive is out with its Summer cloud update, introducing a variety of new features to support the mobile worker, improve collaboration and hone analytics.

According to Jive, following its Spring Release there was bit of customer feedback on how its platform can improved, which is something the company has kept in mind for its its Jive Cloud Summer Release.

Improving Collaboration and Workflow

Those who use Structured Outcomes will now find they can collaborate privately on action items and keep a detailed updated record for them. Action items can now also be viewed in a singular area, while the most liked comments on an item are relegated to the top of a comment thread. Content can also be filtered through browse and search features.

Jive Structured Outcomes Update

Jive Structured Outcomes 

With Purposeful Places, it’s easier to create a Place Creation flow for project management. Now all a user has to do is create it, name it and if needed add a template to work with. Banner images for Purposeful Places have also changed; they are 30 percent smaller than they were in the past.

Jive’s advanced gamification feature is now available as an add-on feature for the Jive Cloud.

Business Value Intelligence

Having the most up to date analytics and data management tools are important to any business and with this release Impact Metrics are now searchable, broken down by hour and grouped into neutral, good and exceptional categories, and are readily shareable.

Jive Business analytics offers insights into user trends and behaviours. For example, if a user wasn't following the colleagues they should be, managers would be able to see this and redirect them. In doing so, this will improve productivity and make sure that all employees are on track with company events, tasks and assignments.

Jive Business Analytics

Jive Business Analytics

On the Go? No Problem: Mobile and Jive Anywhere Updates

The update also looks to support the mobile enterprise. With Jive Anywhere users can add a comment feature to older apps without having to use code, while the Jive tab has been renamed Discuss to clarify its purpose and encourage adoption.

StreamOnce for Jive now integrates with four other platforms: Dropbox, Chatter, Yammer and Evernote, in addition to the existing Outlook and Gmail integration.

There have been a few mobile updates as well. Jive for iPad has added a Single Sign On support function and explore tab for trend discovery purpose, searches can be filtered and Jive Mobile now supports external activity, such as SFDC Chatter posts.

Additional updates include UX enhancements for Jive for Office/Outlook and a redesigned navigation bar that stays pinned to the top of a person’s screen.