Acquia Takes Drupal Success to the Bank With 150% Revenue Growth

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Acquia Takes Drupal Success to the Bank With 150% Revenue Growth
Acquia, a commercial provider ofDrupal CMS services and support, released 2011 financials that show nearly 150% revenue growth.


With almost 150% revenue growth in 2011, Acquia more than doubled its profits from the previous year. Further, the company tripled its client base, which includes big players such as Twitter, eBay, Maxim Magazine and Mercedes-Benz. No wonder the young company landed on the Forbes list of 100 most promising companies in 2011.

Last month, Acquia made it back onto KMWorld's 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management list, and earlier this year, the company added two new members to its board.

With about 200 employees around the world and new offices in Oxford, the United Kingdom and Portland, Acquia is growing at such a fast pace that it launched Acquia U last year, a program to train and place Drupal developers and designers. In July 2011, Acquia scored US$ 15 million in funding, which supported the company's efforts to accelerate its international expansion.

Learning Opportunities

Drupal Adoption

Dries Buytaert, co-founder and CTO of Acquia, says:

Drupal adoption has never been higher, and the community is stronger than it ever has been. And I am pleased to see the surge of interest among enterprises to standardize on Drupal for their specific web and content management needs. I expect to see more growth within the community and look forward to working with them to revolutionize today's web experience.”

In addition to his role at Acquia, Buytaert is the creator and project lead for Drupal, the open source web publishing and collaboration project. Buytaert will be the keynote speaker at DrupalCon Denver, which will be held March 19-23.

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