Rebrands are often complex and dubious exercises, but there's no issue with Agility CMS's new look because it looks cool and the old one, Edentity, sounded so Web 1.0.

Times Are Changing

We read a great tweet from SimpleCMS over the weekend: "Angry Birds, Tiny Wings and Twitter; to have any success online you need to be bird-themed. From today we are changing our name to DodoCMS." which left us wondering who would be the first to bite (or peck) for real.

Enter Edentity, which gets it right with an animal, just a different sort. To power home its new Web CMS message, the company is sponsoring SXSW and launching its new site, which it hopes will make the thriving Canadian firm as big a success in the U.S. While the logo looks a bit like leisureware-maker Puma's cat going for a run, it seems to convey a sense of action and energy to new and existing clients.

Going Agile

Agility CMS offers browser-based development and content management, with support for mobile sites and pages in different languages. Content editors get rich-text editing facilities, scheduled publishing and workflows to help everyone aim to hit those critical deadlines. It also supports the latest in social media and digital content.

Supporting ASP.Net sites, admins can gain access to all this from one interface, saving much effort in leaping from page to page, to perform a series of tasks. Everything has a bright and functional feel to it, while SEO is assisted by human-readable links and per-page keywords and descriptions.


A composite image of Agility's all-in-one menus

Aiming to challenge most web CMS systems, Agility offers pretty much everything in one place. It allows you to manage content across all digital channels including your website, mobile site, mobile apps and social media pages from one browser-based interface. DAM is supported with a global document store while it offers integration with all the usual payment and e-commerce vendors and systems supported.

You can experiment with a free 30-day trial of Agility CMS. Paying customers are charged $79 a month for a user-generated content focused site, $99 for digital content sites and $149 for mixed sites, which should cover most bases.