By now it’s likely that you’ve either heard about or noticed the Facebook results showing up in Google, and, as the first time the search giant has indexed content from the most popular social network evAR, we think it’s kind of a big deal.  

Google + World

Facebook results in Google’s real-time feed is a nice addition to Google’s previous incorporation of Twitter and MySpace results, but it's important to note that in comparison, Google's access to Facebook's info is very limited. 

Specifically, Google is only getting access to updates from Facebook's Pages section, which is home to businesses, celebrities, and organizations. This is very different from Bing results, which are backed by the Facebook-investing Microsoft

But hold up a second, is there really a problem with this level of access? After all, getting updates from your social circle or random Facebook users might not be all that great. And besides, Google's already started up its social search game with the beta release of Google Social Search, as well as some recent acquisitions (Aardvark and  reMail). 

See for yourself. Do a quick Google search and let us know what you think.