Turns out the Google+ reveal wasn't the only thing up the Internet giant's social sleeve this week. Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools now provide tools for tracking the impact of tweets, likes, +1s and more on your website’s traffic. 

Head on over to Google Webmaster Tools and you'll find a new “+1 Metrics” section, which provides reports on the impact of the Internet giant's new-ish button on search in three flavors:

  • Search Impact report: Find out if your clickthrough rate changes when personalized recommendations help your content stand out. Do this by comparing clicks and impressions on search results with and without +1 annotations.
  • Activity report:Shows how many times your pages have been +1’d, from buttons both on your site and on other pages (such as Google search).
  • Audience report: Displays aggregate geographic and demographic information about the Google users who’ve +1’d your pages. To protect privacy, Google only shows audience information when a significant number of users have +1’d pages from your site.




Perhaps even more useful is Social Plugin Tracking. The tool compares the impact of different types of social actions on your website. It tracks +1s, tweets, Facebook Likes, Facebook Sends and other social actions.

Social Plugin Tracking also generates three different reports: 

Learning Opportunities

  • Social Engagement report: Displays site behavior changes for visits that include clicks on +1 buttons or other social actions. 
  • Social Actions report: lets you track the number of social actions (+1 clicks, Tweets, etc.) taken on your site, all in one place.
  • Social Pages report: Compares the pages on your site to see which are driving the highest the number of social actions.

socialbutton-ga copy.jpg

Given Google's continuous efforts in the social realm, the tools make sense. Further, Google says providing social reporting is just the start

As people continue to find new ways to interact across the web, we look forward to new reports that help business owners understand the value that social actions are providing to their business. So +1 to data!

 If you’ve added the +1 button to your site, the Social Plugin Tracking will automatically work within your account. Get started here