The CMSWire IMPACT Awards celebrate exceptional work in the field of digital customer experience. Honors are given to practitioners and vendors responsible for creating a notable impact on the customer experience — either within their organization (practitioners) or for their customers (vendors).


What are the CMSWire IMPACT Awards?

  • The CMSWire IMPACT Awards is a prestigious recognition program, celebrating exceptional work in the field of customer experience. Honors are bestowed on both exceptional practitioners (individuals, departments and teams) and vendors (companies and their customers).

How do I apply for the CMSWire IMPACT Awards?

What’s new this year?

  • We have added four new vendor categories, to give vendors the chance to be honored for the work they do for their customers.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Nominees for the practitioner awards should be CX leaders or departments/teams who have deployed superior CX initiatives or technology over the past year.
  • Individuals and teams may self-nominate for any award.
  • Nominees for the vendor awards should be vendors who have solved a particularly impressive challenge for one of their clients in the last year.

What is the difference between the practitioner and the vendor awards?

  • If you want to showcase your company's internal practices you should apply for the practitioner awards.
  • Companies whose business model includes CX programs, platforms or solutions may not apply for the practitioner awards.
  • If you want to showcase the work you've done for a customer/client you should apply for the vendor awards.
  • Vendors must apply on behalf of a customer. Your customer’s name may remain anonymous, although we encourage you to identify them in your application.

What are the awards categories?

Awards categories are listed below. Clicking the links will take you directly to the awards portal (registration required).

Practitioner categories

  • Customer Experience Leader of the Year
    Recognizes executives who excel in leading to improve customer experience through partnering across the organization and leveraging digital technologies.
  • Customer Journey Innovation
    Recognizes the digital customer experience department or team that has implemented the most novel and/or impactful customer journey optimization over the past year.
  • Customer Service Excellence
    Recognizes departments or teams that have implemented an initiative in the past year to improve their operations, sales or contact center departments.
  • Innovative Use of CX Technology
    Recognizes departments or teams that have deployed an emerging technology and related process in the past year to transform the customer experience.

Vendor categories

Is there a cost to apply? How do I pay?

  • For practitioner awards, there is a $195 fee per application.
  • For vendor awards, there is a $995 fee per application.
  • All application fees are payable by credit card prior to application submission. Applications are not considered final until fees are paid in full.
  • Occasionally we offer discounts on the application fees. Contact us for more information.

How long does it take to complete the application?

  • Applications should take 1-2 hours to complete.

Is there a word limit? Can I include charts, photos or other attachments in my application?

  • All application questions have minimum and maximum word counts. These vary and are listed on each question.
  • Charts, photos and other attachments are not allowed.

Who are the judges?

  • Judges are volunteer practitioners, specialists, consultants and CX experts, recruited for their field expertise.

What is the judging process and criteria?

  • Judges apply through the awards portal and are vetted by CMSWire prior to reviewing applications.
  • Judges receive detailed instructions and a scoring rubric to assist in the review process.
  • Judges agree to keep all material confidential. Certain application fields with proprietary information are not shared with judges.
  • All applications are reviewed by multiple judges to minimize bias. Judges are not assigned applications from participants in their own industry and judges can recuse themselves from any application to avoid direct or indirect conflicts of interest.

How are the winners determined?

  • Judge scores are aggregated to determine the final winners of each category.
  • Judges only score Part 3 of each application. Demographics information is not scored and not given to judges.

How are the finalists notified? When are the winners announced?

  • Finalists will be notified through email in November.
  • Some finalists may be contacted by phone.
  • Winners will be revealed at our in-person awards ceremony, happening May 2024.

Is there an awards ceremony?

  • There will be an in-person award ceremony in May 2024 as part of our flagship CONNECT conference. The Events team will reach out to those winners with further details.

What do winners receive?

  • Winners receive a physical trophy as well as a digital badge for social media promotion. They are also listed on our website.

Who were last year’s winners?

How will my application data be used?

  • By signing up for the CMSWire IMPACT Awards, you agree to receive emails related to the awards program, including (but not limited to) reminder emails, open/close dates and finalist status. All finalists and winners will be contacted through email and may be contacted via phone for additional information. Winners’ contact information may be shared with our Awards team for the purpose of coordinating your participation in our events. Winners’ addresses will be shared with our awards vendors for the purposes of awards delivery and digital badge distribution. Finalists’ and winners’ application data may be shared with our Editorial team for background information only.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?