Lauren DeYoung

Lauren DeYoung

Workplace Futures Director
Lauren DeYoung serves as the Workplace Futurist at Allstate where she is re-envisioning the way Allstaters connect and interact in a distributed work model. Across her twelve-year tenure at Allstate, she has held leadership roles across Marketing, Sales, Operations, CX, Claims and Human Resources. Core to all those roles has been optimizing culture, communication, and practices to deliver memorable experiences for customers and employees. Now, Lauren focuses her collective experience to rally her organization around flexibility, technology, and new ways of working to help Allstate attract, retain, and cultivate a diverse workforce that will help the company succeed.

Thursday, May 11

US/Central from 3 :00 PM to 3 :25 PM ( 25 mins )

[Main Stage] Transforming Workforce Engagement: Lessons from Business Leaders

Main Stage

    Lone Star Ballroom (A-E), 3rd Fl

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