Lina Taylor

Lina Taylor

Olympian & Philanthropist
CLOSE The Gap Leadership
In life and in business, breakthrough transformations don’t just happen. It takes clear goal setting and sharp focus to get from where you are right now to where you want to be. Lina’s life story is an inspiring lesson in doing just that - growing up in communist Bulgaria, she transformed her own circumstances, finding a path to higher education in the United States, becoming a scientist, and later, a two-time Olympian in beach volleyball, entrepreneur, and mother of three. Lina is the founder of Climate Executive Coaching, a global resource for climate and sustainability teams, accelerating their mission through science-based, solution-focused professional coaching. Through her ‘CLOSE the Gap’ leadership training, Lina helps teams and individuals – from senior leaders to young professionals – take the next big leap forward and achieve their goals. Leading companies like Google, Amazon, Deloitte, Microsoft, Intel, Pfizer, Cardinal Health, Comcast and many others draw inspiration from Lina’s principles and her story of resilience, determination, and grit.

Thursday, May 11

US/Central from 5 :05 PM to 5 :20 PM ( 15 mins )

[Keynote] The Power of Serendipity


  • Customer Experience Leadership

Lone Star Ballroom (A-E), 3rd Fl

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